The Biofield Hypothesis

The Biofield Hypothesis is the suggestion that body is maintained by a collection of various resonant energetic circuits which communicate with each other via a vibrational field to form a coherent, global informational system, which itself helps to direct the performance of the individual circuits that created it.

The complexity of the field amounts to an ‘intelligence’ that cannot be explained in terms of the individual components and operates according to laws of its own that cannot be discovered by a reductionist examination of the parts.

The simplest description is that various electrical circuits control systems such as the heart and the brain but the emanations from these circuits are merely a useless by-product formed as a consequence of the laws of physics; they have no ‘meaning’ to the rest of the organism, they are simply electromagnetic waste.

At the most speculative level, it is claimed that the field contains all information concerning the organism including thoughts, memories and intentions. that it can be accessed by healers and that manipulation of the field by the input of appropriate vibrational energy can regulate internal processes and promote various types of healing.

A complete characterisation of the biofield has yet to be achieved but even crude measurements seem to have some potential for disease diagnosis.

The field is largely assumed to be electromagnetic in nature with some static components, and some pulsating components, including bio-photons, and possibly scalar waves as described by Tesla.

If such a field exists and can be measured and understood then it would provide a solid scientific basis for an emerging science of Energy Medicine or alternatively Informational Medicine which promises to unite many areas of ‘traditional’ healing practices such as acupuncture, reiki, sound-healing etc. and to provide a much needed alternative to pharmaceutical toxins.

Evidence for such a field is abundant despite the lack of a comprehensive ‘map’:

  • Morphogenesis: Tissue regeneration and embryologic development are not explainable without some sort of global map of the organism accessible by every cell in the body. Morphogenesis
  • Instantaneous synchrony between muscle cell activity for example, needs a global light-speed communication system
  • The Binding Problem asks how multiple neural signals can be integrated into a single ‘experience’ Wikipedia
  • Complex and coordinated movement and learned behaviours in single celled organisms imply the existence of a memory outside of any neuronal system. (bacteria) (Caulerpa)
  • Existing knowledge concerning microcurrents and tissue healing (Robert O. Becker)
  • Heart and brain fields are easily measured via electronic equipment several feet away from the body. Heart Math
  • Electro-acoustic fields in the bloodstream maintain zeta potential and trigger ATP activity in peripheral tissue Electromagnetism and blood
  • Group synchronisation of heart and brain rhythms is possible, implying meaningful communication between individuals Heart Math
  • Energy Medicine and traditional healing techniques often show instantaneous and ‘miraculous’ effects.
  • Complex electromagnetic interactions must inevitably create some kind of field anyhow
  • Bio-photon emission and hyperbolic decay imply collective properties that are not and cannot be found in individual molecules. Quantum Coherence
  • Existence of quantum coherent domains in water adsorbed to collagen strands (Fritz-Albert Popp)
  • An abundance of coherent electromagnetic signalling at the cellular level and inter-cellular communication using visible light photons.
  • Polarised light on macro scales implies group coherence of molecules (Mae-Wan Ho)
  • The extreme sensitivity of entire organisms to weak external electromagnetic fields.

Biofield receptor systems: So what are the physical organs and processes that create and detect this field?

It turns out that almost all the materials and fluids within the body have interesting electrical properties and structures ideally suited for the creation and transmission of complex electric fields.

  • Molecular resonators: All biological molecules have a characteristic resonant frequency which is used for two way electromagnetic signalling Resonant recognition model
  • Coherent quantum domains are collections of water molecules organised by proteins (collagen) into a crystalline quantum state (condensate) that are highly receptive to electromagnetic fields Water, the Cradle of life
  • Charge flux sites (voltage gated ion channels) control for example the calcium ion content of cells Hammerschlag et al
  • Vortices of blood in the heart together with electric currents in the heart muscle itself generate a strong magnetic field Electromagnetism and blood
  • Neuronal clusters: Circadian rhythms for example are controlled by a group of about 20,000 neurons that form the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus
  • Primo-vascular system: a system of light conducting ducts that span the entire organism Primo vascular system
  • Helical antenna: apatite crystals (in bone), collagen, sweat glands and even DNA itself all form electrically conductive helices and will act as antenna in electromagnetic fields
  • Organ wide circuits such as the heart and brain both generate measurable and meaningful electric fields and in turn are responsive to such fields Heart Math

The nature of the intracellular field

The interior of the cell is comprised of a highly structured lattice of electrically sensitive water with embedded bio-molecules all continuously exchanging energy to and from a vibrating energy field which both monitors and directs, all molecular interactions within the cell.

The field is variously described as electromagnetic, acoustic, quantum coherent, torsion, and the energy exchange is likewise via a variety of systems including photon exchange, quantum tunnelling, scalar waves, colloid vibration currents, phonons, excitons, polaritons, proton jump conduction and more.

All informational exchange is vibratory and resonant in nature, with frequencies restricted by the physical properties of the water to a series of harmonic sequences that, rather than interfering with each other, resonate and strenghten each other to maintain the order and associated functionality.

The water has a dynamic continually changing structure that resonates to its own fixed scale of frequencies but can also form additional crystalline antenna when adsorbed to other regular biological structures such as DNA, microtubules, collagen and other proteins.

I addition to this, the field is said to acquire energy by resonant absorbance of appropriate frequencies created by fluctuations of the ‘quantum vacuum’ field.

It is within this environment that all cellular operations must be considered, with acoustic vibrational modes moving and assembling larger more complex molecules from smaller, simpler ones and electromagnetic signalling providing long range communication with other cells, thus contributing to a system wide informational and organisational system.


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