Water Memory

Luc Montagnier (among others) has made the claim that he could input information into water in the form of electromagnetic radiation of specific frequencies, that the water would retain the information and that the information could be retrieved at a later time, again in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Certain frequencies said to be favourable to biological organisation are thought to be preferred and to even be capable of assembling DNA-like structures within the water.

The experiment, a version of one performed earlier by Jacques Benveniste, has attracted considerable controversy and is believed by many to be fraudulent. Montagnier and Benveniste, however, have the support of many eminent scientists:

  • Brian Josephson (Nobel laureate)
  • Gerald Pollack – The Fourth Phase of Water
  • Emilio Del Giudice – Montagnier’s co-author
  • Tang et al successfully reproduced the results (2019)
  • Fritz-Albert Popp – video interview below
  • Mae-Wan Ho – The Rainbow and the Worm
  • Geesink and Meijer – Water, the Cradle of Life
  • Vladimir Voeikov, Konstantin Korotkov – The Emerging Science of Water

Wikipedia is keen to debunk by citing prominent science critics Jonathan Miller (Theatre director) and James Randi (Stage performer).

This short video gives an idea of what is claimed. We are supposed to infer I think that a signal generator attached to the foil surrounding the glass generates an oscillating electromagnetic field of specific frequencies which are registered by the water.

Some time later the same frequencies can be detected and displayed on an oscilloscope. The water has ‘remembered’ the information.

This should not be too surprising, after all we can input infra-red radiation into water which is then retained as heat (nobody argues with this), and then measure similar wavelengths of radiation being emitted from the water for some time afterwards.

The only difference here is that very specific wavelengths outside of the infra-red range are input, retained and emitted. Again, this should not be too surprising given that the molecular structure of water will favour absorption of specific frequencies according to the resonant properties of the various possible bond deformations of the H2O molecule. See Water, the Cradle of Life for a fuller description.

Luc Montagnier

In this full length documentary, Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier imprints purified water with the frequency signature of DNA, digitises it, transmits it to another laboratory and reconstructs the DNA miles from the original experiment.

This is very surprising for those who think that cell activity is largely via the mechanical action of molecular machines driven by Brownian vibration. However, if the vibrations within water are not random but instead are organised to a very specific set of frequencies propitious for the assembly of macro-molecules then things start to look a bit clearer.

Organelles, proteins, DNA are all constructed via a kind of 3-D cymatic vibration system using the structure of the water itself as the organisational medium.


  • 10:00 DNA is placed in water and the resulting electromagnetic emissions are recorded.
  • 11:30 The water is diluted up to a D10 solution i.e. ten to the power of ten dilution.
  • 13:50 The signal is measured and digitised.
  • 14:50 A characteristic frequency signature can be detected in the D6 and D7 solutions.
  • 17:15 This signature is recorded, digitised and transmitted to a separate laboratory.
  • 19:00 Purified water in this new lab is subjected to the digitised signal for 1 hour.
  • 22:00 A PCR test adds nucleotides to the treated water and replicates the original DNA with 98% accuracy.
  • 27:00 A description of ‘coherent’ quantum domains.
  • 31:15 “If you want to know how a cell works – you must do quantum physics”
  • 33:00 Certain diseases emit characteristic sets of frequencies
  • 35:40 Since EMF signals can have tangible effects we may one day be able to treat eg. cancer with waves only.
  • 36:00 Adding medicines to water and recording their frequency signatures.
  • 37:45 An allergic reaction is triggered by means of EMF alone.
  • 40:40 James Randi and his team attempt to ‘debunk’ Jacques Benveniste. They stage-manage sufficient confusion to allow the press and scientific community to jeer at Benveniste but Vladimir Voeikov, Gerald Pollack and Luc Montagnier all take the side of a fellow scientist over someone who actually deceives people for a living.
  • 47:00 Montagnier realises that HIV is not sufficient by itself to cause AIDS and so searches for a ‘co-factor’, a bacteria or something to explain why so many HIV positive people do not go on to develop AIDS.

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves – Montagnier, Del Giudice et al.

“The experimental conditions by which electromagnetic signals (EMS) of low frequency can be emitted by diluted aqueous solutions of some bacterial and viral DNAs are described.”

That the recorded EMS and nanostructures induced in water carry the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by classical PCR amplification using the TAQ polymerase, including both primers and nucleotides. Moreover, such a transduction process has also been observed in living human cells exposed to EMS irradiation. These experiments suggest that coherent long-range molecular interaction must be present in water to observe the above-mentioned features. The quantum field theory analysis of the phenomenon is presented in this article.” – Montagnier et al

The original results (from Jacques Benveniste) were, however, confirmed in a blinded study by the statistician Alfred Spira and also in a rather bizarre Nature paper purporting to prove the opposite. They were subsequently comprehensively confirmed by a blinded multi-center trial, and new results confirm similar phenomena.” – Martin Chaplin

Other physicists have concerns:

Regarding the possible EMF nature of biological signals, we refer the
reader to recent experimental papers by Montagnier et al. (2009a,
2009b), which describe the capacity of some bacterial DNA sequences
to induce electromagnetic waves at high aqueous dilutions. Here we
must remark that the physical method used in the work of Montagnier
for the detection of EMF signals (unscreened solenoid coil) is highly
susceptible to artefacts due to technogenous EM noise
” – Cifra et al

A few words on Water Memory from Fritz Popp


Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves – Montagnier, Del Giudice et al

Rate limiting factors for DNA transduction induced by weak electromagnetic field – Tang et al (2019)
In which Montagnier’s results are successfully replicated

Does water have memory? – Martin Chaplin

Electromagnetic cellular interactions – Cifra et al