The Origins of Life

In the beginning, light shone down on the Earth and the water and the clays therein.

More specifically, tera-hertz radiation shining through mineral clays is transduced to a Pythagorean harmonic series of waves which induces similar frequencies in water, thus helping to organise minerals and salts into pre-biotic patterns that echo the earliest forms of life.

Geesink and Meijer showed that biological functioning was dependent upon a tempered harmonic scale of electro-magnetic frequencies – Healing frequencies.
So we can now ask: “How did these frequencies originate where did they come from? How are they maintained? What part do they play in the construction and maintenance of the physical form?

Our Sun emits electromagnetic radiation of a variety of frequencies but particularly in the visible light or terahertz range. These frequencies are in a continuous spectrum and not the ordered discrete scale of frequencies that are required for assembling or maintaining biological forms.

Phyllosilicate clays are constructed in layers that act as resonance chambers that will trap incoming radiation, allow it to accumulate and then release it as a new set of frequencies.
These new frequencies are shown to be experimentally very close to those frequencies maintained by living cells and higher order organisms.

The energy from the sun is trapped in between the layers of clay and will form the standing wave patterns shown.
The ‘fundamental’ of the wave depends upon the distance between the layers of clay and the other waves are ‘harmonics’ of the fundamental frequency much as with the strings of a guitar or waves in a bath of water.

The energy from the standing waves, now organised into a harmonic scale, makes its way out of the crystal into the surrounding water whose specific molecular charge structure now converts electromagnetic field vibrations into acoustic (physical) vibrations of the molecular lattice.

The molecular structure of water makes it receptive to certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and it will vibrate physically in response. The resonant frequencies of water have been shown experimentally to be very similar to those produced by the mineral clays. Water, the Cradle of Life

Cymatic vibrations in the water are now able to physically move around the various minerals and hydrated ions that comprise the ingredients of living cells and to assemble them in patterns that are indistinguishable from primitive life forms or DNA structures – see left from the video “The Secrets of Cymatics II” by John Stuart Reid [here]
See also: The cell as a cymatic resonator

So ‘life’ can be characterised by a particular set of vibrational modes that create and maintain biological order. Moreover these frequencies originate in the Earth in mineral clays but also in ‘Rydberg matter’ which is found both in space and in the upper atmosphere of our planet. This ‘template for life’ then, is likely present throughout the universe, needing only the extra ingredients of energy and water to express itself as a material form.

Quantum wave theory is heavily involved. The standing waves trapped in the echo chamber of the clay are quantum as opposed to electromagnetic and ‘quantum coherent’ domains of water are necessary to ensure longevity of more complex sets of frequencies. The coincidence of the same harmonic sequence occurring in different field types suggests some sort of hidden informational repository in the the quantum domain.


Quantum Wave Information of Life Revealed: An Algorithm for Electromagnetic Frequencies that Create Stability of Biological Order, With Implications for Brain Function and Consciousness
Author: Hans J. H. Geesink
Author: Dirk K F Meijer