Water, the Cradle of Life

Water, The Cradle of Life via its Coherent Quantum Frequencies
Authors: Hans Geesink, Igor Jerman, Dirk Meijer

Water at room temperature is in a dynamic state with coherent macro-molecular structures continually forming and reforming. The result is a living energetic matrix with resonant properties essential for the creation, evolution and maintenance of life processes.

Structured water acts as an energy transducer, absorbing various electromagnetic signals via molecular resonance and converting them to bio-information. The resonant frequencies of the water are entirely dependent upon the molecular structure of the water and turn out to be precisely those already known to be beneficial to organic life.

The molecular structure of water molecules allows them to readily stick together via static electric forces to form a variety of 3-D shapes as seen here.

The bonding is weak, and in normal circumstances will result in the rapid assembly, destruction and re-assembly of such shapes, with any given molecule spending about 30% of its time in one of these ‘domains’.

The absorption spectrum of water is shown right. The low absorption in the visible light and ultraviolet region reflect the fact that water is transparent to visible light, whilst the smaller peaks in the right half of the chart represent absorption by resonance of a specific and discrete set of frequencies.

Energy absorption is by three main mechanisms

  • Stretching of the intermolecular bonds
  • Bending – a deformation of the bond angle
  • Molecular rotation

Each of these mechanisms will respond to a characteristic frequency, leading to absorption at that frequency and showing up as a peak on the chart. Thus, a complex lattice of locally organised domains is created with highly complicated, and flexible yet structured responses.

Coherent wave domains are created as seen in the centre part of the image. Here we have cluster of water of a specific size organised by a resonant standing wave and in turn maintaining that wave. So a small packet of vibrational energy is created and made available for future use by the organism.

Coherent domains can consist of many millions of molecules.

Together, these mechanisms create an informationally rich antenna and transmitter multiplex for electromagnetic and acoustic energies that form the general vibratory landscape within which all intracellular activity takes place.

The situation inside a cell is further augmented by the presence of mineral ions and biological molecules such as proteins which will surround themselves with a ‘hydration shell’, a layer of structured water with its own specific resonances and biological properties.

The authors reviewed over 700 papers concerning the absorption spectra of water and plotted them on a chart below. The frequencies clearly fall into discrete bands very closely resembling those that are known to affect entire living beings. See Healing frequencies

This suggests that the vibratory properties of water and the responses of living organisms to EMF are in fact one and the same thing and that the organisation of life is largely dependent on the fundamental physical laws of humble H2O.

A mathematical formula is supplied which calculates scales of harmonics for all three modes of resonance and combines them to form a foundational equation for life processes.

This theoretical formulation agrees with the experimental findings.

Roumiana Tsenkova is a professor at Kobe University, Japan who has been using Near Infrared Spectroscopy to detect low concentrates of solutes in water and to characterise disease processes by the absorption spectra of cellular water.

The authors have shown:

  • A theoretical model consistent with the established canon of quantum mechanics that predicts a scale of resonant frequencies of water
  • Experimental results that confirm the existence of these frequencies in plain water
  • Beneficial health outcomes of living test subjects exposed to such frequencies
  • Detrimental health outcomes when subjects are exposed to non-resonant frequencies
  • Ability to characterise disease and health by measuring these frequencies in patients


Water, The Cradle of Life via its Coherent Quantum Frequencies
Authors: Hans Geesink, Igor Jerman, Dirk Meijer

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