Toroidal energy fields

“Phonon Guided Biology: Architecture of Life and Conscious Perception Are Mediated by Toroidal Coupling of Phonon, Photon and Electron Information Fluxes at Discrete Eigenfrequencies.” – Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink.

This page is a summary of the main theme of the paper above which proposes that the energy fields of the body are organised into a series of nested torii ordered in musical harmonic sequences of ‘fifths’ and ‘thirds’ and that this is a configuration necessary for minimal energy loss and maximal coherence.

The page Healing frequencies describes a maintenance and regulatory system running on a specific set of frequencies which form 12 bands of ‘notes’ which form separate musical harmonic scales and that any of these frequencies seem to be beneficial in some way whilst those outside these scales cause dissonance in the system and lead to bad health outcomes.

The page Bio-soliton model outlines some of the physical organs that are responsible for hosting these frequencies from the molecular to macroscopic scales.

The question remaining is: “How are the physical representations of these currents arranged spatially in the living organism?”

The authors propose putting harmonically related tones adjacent to each other to minimise dissonance and ensure that energy transference between the circuits will tend to maintain rather than destroy system coherence.

The Tonnez system of Leonhard Euler arranges musical notes in three arrays of harmonic tone scales with the horizontal row showing a scale of fifths and diagonal rows showing major and minor thirds.

Oscillating electric circuits create electromagnetic fields of specific frequencies which is a form of energy leakage but in this system the fields from ‘A’ and ‘E’ resonate with each other, forming a shared composite field within which, each circuit remains fully functional.

A field of frequency ‘A’ next to a ‘G’ note however would result in a degradation of each of the circuits possibly leading to a complete loss of identity for both frequencies.

Euler’s Tonnez above can be wrapped around left to right and top to bottom to form a torus as shown left to form a 3 dimensional arrangement of self-reinforcing resonant antennae which are used to carry energy and information around the body.

The resonant nature of the circuitry means that appropriate energy received from external sources such as the Schumann resonances or a healing device will likely be distributed around the torus leading to a general strengthening of the entire field structure, whereas energy of a dissonant frequency will have a general weakening of the individual elements and lead to an incoherence of the arrangement as a whole.

All man-made frequencies have the same deleterious effects on life” – Robert O Becker.

The torus shown above however only encompasses one octave and we have something like 72 octaves in the human body to fit in the scheme somehow.
One method is to simply nest one torus inside another. An alternative being a spiral nesting arrangement (left) leading to a structure that is both toroidal and fractal at the same time.

Various other torii are possible see below for (left to right) elliptic, horn and spindle torii

Energy is passed around the torus, resulting in a spiral flow of resonant energy and information which is concentrated in the centre of the whole system.

Any organ such as the brain or heart that is at the centre of such a torus will have available for its own use, this complex fractal energy flux. The Heart is not a Pump

John Zimmerman recorded a scale of electric frequencies emanating from fingertips of healers, which is what we would expect if the toroidal model were true.

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The physical location of a rat is tracked by a toroidal path in the brain

Your brain is moving along the surface of the torus – Artem Kirsanov