Origins and purpose

The Club of Rome

The climate fraud could be said to have originated from the book “The first global revolution” which was a work product of the Club of Rome.

The motivation was to provide justification for massive population reduction by portraying Humanity as the ‘enemy of the planet’.

This passage from Wikipedia explains the plan.

Somewhat lower down the food chain however, the elite at the IPCC imagine that they are embarking upon a simple money making scheme based upon wealth ‘redistribution’.

Even lower down at prime minister level, I think many now actually believe in Global Warming.

The Greenhouse Effect

The fraud was to use the erroneous theory of Greta Thunberg’s great great (great?) grandfather Svante Arrhenius (right), that the Earth is some sort of giant greenhouse that traps heat via tiny amounts of CO2 and gets hotter and hotter.

But a greenhouse works mainly by trapping heated air and preventing it from rising via convection and being replaced with cooler air.
Greenhouses have automatic ventilation that works by releasing hot air, not by releasing excess infra-red radiation.

With the planet as a whole, heating occurs near the ground where sunlight hits a land mass, causing a rising column of warm air. Cold air, possibly from the sea, is drawn in to replace the hot air which continues to the upper atmosphere where it cools down and returns.

Carbon dioxide in practice, acts as a coolant. Cooling of Atmosphere Due to CO2 Emission

The actual Global Warming Fraud itself was launched at a press conference on June 23 1988 on an exceptionally hot day in a room packed with press and camera equipment and where the air conditioning had been deliberately disabled.

Tony Heller expands on this and again demonstrates that NASA and NOAA have, over the years, deliberately altered their data to make it appear that the world is warming when it is in fact cooling slightly.

The IPCC was founded in order to promote the fraud and Margaret Thatcher, having a degree in chemistry was selected as a figurehead to give it some credence. She was instrumental in its funding and was initially an enthusiastic evangelist, using it as a political weapon against the coal miner unions.