Stefan Lanka and Pi water

Stefan Lanka has said that the water inside the human body is ‘Pi water’. It is said to be a completely different substance to H2O ‘bulk water’ and he believes it to be the primordial ‘aether’ from which all substances on life originate.

This will sound like crazy nonsense to many people but Lanka is a prominent figurehead in the ‘new biology’ movement so it is proper to examine some of these claims.

Stefan Lanka
  • There is a substance that is a fundamental part of the realization of life and that is the so-called “water membrane” or surface tension of water.” – Lanka
  • This membrane, which is wrongly defined as the 4th phase of water, is the substance that water itself creates when it comes into contact with gases, solid surfaces, dissolved substances or when whirling movements are generated.” – Lanka
  • Dr Peter Augustin assumes that this substance is a substance in its own right: the primordial substance of life, from which all elements, molecules and biological life arise.” – Understanding Pi Water – Dr Stefan Lanka

The Fourth Phase of Water is a term coined by Gerald Pollack to describe what happens when water comes into contact with a hydrophilic substance such as glass or biological tissue. The water changes its chemical composition to H3O2 and forms a densely packed liquid crystalline structure with decidedly different properties to H2O bulk water.

So this new substance has a different chemical formula to water, a different density, electrical conductivity, heat capacity and dielectric properties. It is quite correct then to refer to this a completely different substance. After all, table salt or Sodium Chloride, isn’t referred to as a form of Chlorine and has different properties to both Chlorine and Sodium.

The properties of compound chemicals are quite different from their constituent elements.

Furthermore, this substance Pi Water can transform back to normal water so it is as correct to say that H2O is a form of Pi Water as it is to say that Pi Water is a phase of H2O.

The Navier-Stokes equations are what is used to describe the behaviour of water and air for most practical purposes on a macro scale.

The equations model water as a continuously flowing and infinitely divisible medium. The model does not mention molecules and by representing water as a continuum, actually rules out their existence as part of the theory.

The equations can be used for air, water or liquid metal, say as they are independent of the presumed molecular structure. The fact that it is H2O is irrelevant; the molecular structure is only apparent in laboratory experiments.

Physicists will say that that liquid water is composed of molecules and that the properties we see on a macro scale are ’emergent’ properties of a collection of microscopic particles. As far as I can tell though, there is no theory that describes how this could happen.

Prior to 1890 it was thought that atoms were vortices in the aether, in other words the microscopic is an illusion created from the macroscopic.

Which is true? It seems that neither assertion can be verified or falsified and there is no experiment that we can think of to distinguish between the two. So it is as correct (or incorrect) to say that “molecules are an artefact of the laboratory process; they are how water behaves under a microscope” as it is to say “liquid is an emergent property of molecules; that is how they behave when there are lots of them”.

Transmutation. The claim that Pi water is the source of all molecules and life itself is the statement that is perhaps most at odds with conventional science, which holds that the nucleus of the atom cannot be altered except by the application of massive energetic forces as found in a nuclear reactor.

However there is evidence that this does in fact happen somehow in biological systems: Transmutation


The compulsion of scientists to describe the Universe from ‘bottom up’ has held back progress and in the particular case of biology, has been a major influence in creating the current crisis that we now see, with biologists inventing ever smaller invisible ‘pathogens’ in an attempt to explain disease.

Likewise the idea that once something ‘is’ something then it is fixed and cannot change into anything else, is incorrect and unnecessarily restrictive.

“There is no privileged level of causation in biological systems” – Denis Noble.

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