The phantom leaf effect

A portion of a leaf can be cut off and will still be apparent when photographed using Kirlian photography techniques. The image is produced by electrical discharge when the leaf is subjected to a strong energy field. A persistent bio-field comprising electro-magnetic field vortices has preserved the details of the organic form (Konstantin Meyl).

In 1975 V. Adamenko in Russia performed the following experiment. After a part of a living leaf was cut and the remaining part was placed into a high frequency electromagnetic field, a visual image of the whole leave appeared. In other words, a phantom image of the cut part appeared which lived for 10-15 seconds and could be recorded on film. The experiment was reproduced by the Gariaev group and many other laboratories in the world.” – Gariaev et al

In the photographs below from the Garaiev paper, parts of a leaf have been cut out and the remainder has been photographed under an electromagnetic field. The portion of the leaf remove from the top right of the picture was the most recently removed and its ghost image is still visible in the photograph.

Ghosts of the other pieces have faded away.

Konstantin Meyl observed a similar effect: “Students of electrical engineering were able to produce photos of the leaf, using their self built high voltage device in the dark-room, even after the original had been removed( 1991). The potential vortices still present underneath the acrylic remained detectable by their storage effect.

What is going on? The image shows a typical corona discharge which happens at the boundary of an electrically charged object and the surrounding air. When the voltage gradient from object to air is high, an electrical discharge from object to air and a visible corona can be seen. Textbooks say that what is happening s that the air around the leaf is breaking down, the gas is ionising and electric currents are the result.

The problem with this explanation with respect to the phantom leaf phenomenon is that the same corona effect is visible when part of the leaf is missing so that the corona effect cannot have anything to do with the material substance of the leaf and therefore nothing to do with any sort of gradient from leaf to air or solid to gas.

The corona effect is not ‘fringe’ science and can be observed on power lines where it leads to significant power losses. Meyl is claiming, moreover, that the observed spikes in the discharge (the corona itself) should not be present according to classical physics, but instead a uniform shining should be produced, being the result of a smooth field gradient from high to low potential.

The corona spikes, according to Meyl, are consistent with the idea of vortices forming in the electromagnetic field itself. This sort of formation is not allowed for by the standard (Maxwell) equations and so a new physics is needed.

In accordance with the text books, the gradient field increases towards the surface of the conductor too, but a consistent shining would be expected and not a
crackling. Without potential vortices the observable structure of the corona would remain an unsolved phenomenon of physics.

But even without knowing the structure forming property of the potential vortices, which acts as an additional support as we must conclude, it can be well observed that especially roughness on the surface of the conductor stimulates the formation of vortices and actually produces vortices. If one is looking for a reason why, with high frequency, the very short impulses of discharge always emerge from surface roughness, one will probably find that potential vortices are responsible for it
.” – Meyl

Electromagnetic vortices are theoretically self-sustaining to a degree and so the solution to our problem is that living organisms possess a bio-field consisting of interlinked electromagnetic vortices that retain their integrity for a while even when the physical matter supporting them is removed.

The field reflects the shape of the original leaf and when under a high voltage will discharge from any spikes or sharp discontinuities in the outline, giving the characteristic aura that is observed.

Note that a bio-field comprised of light (photons) is not indicated here as photons can only travel at the speed of light and will not stick around for the few seconds needed to take these photo graphs.

We are not ‘beings of light’ but ‘beings of toroidal scalar waves’.

Interestingly and maybe surprisingly, vegetables will retain something of their aura even after a bit of cooking. (Cooked tomato pictured). These vortices contain energy and possibly some useful information so we are eating both electromagnetic energy and biological information.

Several authors have called this a ‘phantom leaf effectand it has often been misinterpreted as a paranormal phenomenon. In reality this is due to the storage capacity of the potential vortex having been made visible, which has only ended up in the field of parascience, because Maxwell’s field theory did not include a potential vortex.” – Meyl

Of course human beings also have an aura – but what does this mean? We are all sharing fields with each other and with the rest of the ecosystem and we are all eating food which contains living bio-fields. We are all therefore sharing some sort of biological information and presumably responding to it in some way.

What effect do these fields have on our immediate health and what effect have they had on evolution as a whole? When Darwin’s finches flew to a new island and faced new challenges, the rate of evolution seemed to speed up to meet the new challenges, resulting in a collection of very suitable beak shapes very quickly.

Meyl seems to regard the human species as sort of waste product of atmospheric discharge: “All results of the evolution in the biosphere that have arisen between the ‘capacitor plates’ of the earth itself and its ionosphere can be regarded as structured capacitor losses, which also apply to humans“.

These vortex fields are surely worth considering as a mechanism for Distant cellular interaction.


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