Graphene Oxide II

This article looks at the video conversation between Dr Mark Bailey and Dr Robin Wakeling concerning the contents of the Pfizer pseudo-vaccine. [Video]

Several odd looking phenomena from the video can be easily explained with existing scientific knowledge.

From the video at 34:00 we see that many small, spherical objects have ‘self-assembled’ into long chains.

This is likely the Pearl Chain Effect whereby microscopic particles subjected to an oscillating electromagnetic field will assemble and stick together in a chain.

Particles will develop negative charge on one side and positive at the other, enabling them to stick together in a chain. (dielectrophoresis)

Particles of different sizes are affected differently so that here we see cancer cells being separated from healthy cells because of slight differences in size.

The environment inside a laboratory is usually saturated with electromagnetic radiation unless specific precautions are taken to prevent it. The lab specimens will be subject to radiative, vibrating and time-varying electric fields, emanating from:

  • The Earth’s Schumann resonances at 8 Hz
  • High frequency radiation from cell-phone towers and the phones themselves
  • Lower frequency radiation from 50 Hz mains supplies
  • ‘Dirty’ electricity from strip lighting and transformers
  • The microscope lighting system itself

When any electromagnetic field interacts with charged particles, the energy will be translated to mechanical or ‘acoustic’ vibrations causing rotation and movement of the particles, and giving the false impression of living creatures in a puddle of water.

However, the water itself is also charged and highly structured, particularly in the vicinity of glass and biological membranes.

Cymatics. Electromagnetic waves in water will be translated to mechanical waves of many varying frequencies that will bounce off the edge of the droplet and interfere with each other to produce complex but invisible interference patterns that will help assemble various nano-structures

Pictures such as this are presented of crystalline structures with many right-angled corners, yet elsewhere in the video appear diagrams of the structure of graphene oxide (see top of this page) showing it to be hexagonal in structure.


Failure to control for the electric and magnetic environment has caused confusion in many an unwary scientist; relatively weak fields can affect outcomes at both microscopic and macroscopic level particularly when involving biological systems.

What is being observed here is not the self-assembly of malevolent nano-bots but rather the complex interaction between electromagnetic radiation and structured water.

There is nothing here to suggest graphene oxide as an ingredient of the Pfizer vaccine.

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