Global warming hoax

The global warming narrative is a provable fraud, the origins of which lie in a desire to frame humanity as the ‘enemy of the planet’ and hence provide a motivation for population reduction, although it seems that most people now have forgotten the original aim and are simply using this scare story for their own ends.

Green technologies are less efficient than carbon fuels at producing energy, which makes them very expensive and hence very profitable indeed, especially as their use will be mandated by governments.

Whilst many are simply looking for a profit from the climate change fraud, globalist politicians are using it to consolidate their power and usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution via Agenda 21 and other climate emergency policies.

  • There is no alarming rise in world temperatures
  • There is no increase in extreme weather events
  • The polar bears are fine and increasing in numbers
  • The walruses would also be fine if David Attenborough and Netflix would let them be
  • The arctic ice is not retreating
  • NASA manipulated the data to create the impression of dramatic warming
  • The barrier reef is also fine
  • Green technologies are inefficient and expensive money making machines for big-oil
  • There is no proof that either coal or oil are derived from fossils and most likely there is an abundance of both

So the data was faked and cherry-picked, there are no measurable indicators of imminent disaster and multinational corporations are making a massive profit from unsound technologies – but what about .. ‘The Science’?

  • Carbon dioxide levels are not rising alarmingly
  • Carbon dioxide is a cooling gas not a warming gas
  • Carbon dioxide levels are dangerously low at the present
  • The release of man made CO2 does not appreciably affect atmospheric levels
  • The slow increase of CO2 is the result of ocean warming – not the cause of it
  • Carbon dioxide is plant food and is necessary for life on Earth
  • The greenhouse effect applies to greenhouses – not an entire planet with no roof

So how do ice ages occur and what caused the Medieval Warm Period?

The answer is the sun. The output of heat from the sun remains roughly constant but other forms of energy output vary considerably and affect the temperature here on Earth.

  • Solar magnetic forcing – Magnetic activity from the sun causes activity in the Earth’s magnetic field which in turn drives electric currents in the atmosphere and within the Earth itself. This acts like an induction hob and these currents have a heating effect on the planet as a whole.
  • Solar particle forcing – An increase in solar wind means an increase in highly energetic particles from the sun dissipating their energy in our atmosphere and creating heat.
  • The Svensmark effect – The solar magnetic field causes cosmic rays to curve round our earth and disappear off into space. When the field is weak, more cosmic rays are allowed into our atmosphere and this leads to an increase in cloud cover which in turn leads to global cooling.


The whole Global Warming scam is a deliberate and dangerous fraud.

Green technologies are not sufficient to fuel modern civilisation and the Carbon Zero initiative is unattainable and out of touch with reality. This will result in financial hardship, fuel poverty, nutritional deficiencies, political and social instability and ultimately starvation on a massive scale.

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