EMF and Biology

The effects of vibrating electromagnetic fields on living systems are multiple and varied. They range in scale from sub-microscopic to organism-wide and effects and can be beneficial as well as detrimental.
The effect will depend upon frequency, field strength, duration of exposure, pulsing parameters, polarisation and also the presence of static electric or magnetic fields.

This page describes just some of the biological mechanisms at the cellular and subcellular level whose physical structure enables them to interact with electromagnetic fields:

  • Structured (quantum coherent) water domains within the cells
  • Resonant effects on biomolecules including DNA and protein folding
  • Stimulation of ion channels particularly calcium
  • Neurotransmitters and ATP
  • Bacterial bio-films

Geesink and Meijer conducted an analysis of hundreds of studies on the effects of EMF on health and found that the frequencies that were beneficial to health all lay on a ‘musical’ twelve tone scale that was repeated over a large range of octaves. This implies the existence of mechanisms within biological organisms that can detect and respond to those frequencies. Healing frequencies

Beneficial frequencies are hypothesised to work by a general resonance effect in the body helping to strengthen biological order by the creation of a coherent set of rhythms which stabilise cellular processes, whereas any frequency that does not lie on the musical scale introduces dissonance and incoherence into the system. The cell as a cymatic resonator

Conformational states of living cells have typical spatial arrangements of atoms, that are characteristic for building, homeostasis, decay and apoptosis. We found clear evidence, indicating that such states of biomolecules are related to spectral coherence and decoherence frequency bands, providing a quantitative physical resource.” Geesink and Meijer

Quantum coherent domains of water are receptive to particular frequency bands of electromagnetic radiation and are responsible for signal transduction and the provision of a sympathetic vibratory environment for cellular construction. Quantum Coherent Domains

It was concluded that water molecule assemblies show electromagnetic and electronic collective states that contain ‘quantum imprints’ or ‘moulds’ for living cells.

Larger molecules can similarly form quantum coherent entities similar to the ‘condensates’ proposed by Fröhlich Fröhlich condensates

Biomolecules, beyond being coupled among themselves via the dipolar interaction, are also driven by a common external energy supply. A collective mode emerges by decreasing the average distance among the molecules as testified by the emergence of a clear peak in the power spectrum of the total dipole moment. This is due to a coherent vibration of the most part of the molecules at a frequency definitely larger than their own frequencies corresponding to a partial cluster synchronization of the biomolecule (Olmi, 2018).

Biomolecular resonance
Complex molecules all have characteristic resonant frequencies which are instrumental in their function whether it be the folding and unfolding of protein chains, the twisting arrangements of DNA, the opening and closing of ion channels or the construction of long protein chains from constituent amino acids.

Biomolecules, including their precursor molecules, are always embedded in well-defined discrete electromagnetic fields displaying discrete frequency patterns (conformational states with spectral coherence).”

The order of amino acids in a protein is encoded in the genes in our DNA. It has been experimentally found that the DNA segments related to protein coding regions have a tendency to display a strong spectral vibrational component at the frequency of 2𝜋/3 called period-3 property (Inbamalarand, 2015).

Cellular function then depends upon a harmony of frequencies and an ordered physical arrangement of water molecules to function properly. Departure from this will result in bad protein construction, DNA malfunction, incoherent signalling, ion-channel dysfunction, disconnection from the rest of the organism and premature cell death.

This study demonstrated that frequency patterns of biomolecules in normal cells are precisely positioned at the coherent pointer state frequencies of the proposed quantum equation. In contrast, biomolecules present in diseased cells are positioned at typical decoherent frequency patterns.

Cellular harmony can adopt four pattern types or, in the language of non-linear dynamics, ‘attractor states’

  • Static attractor – making use of a single fixed frequency
  • Periodic attractor – cycling on a 12 note scale of frequencies
  • Quasi-periodic attractor – using a toroidal geometry
  • Strange attractor – exhibiting chaotic behaviour

So cellular vibration can move from one coherent vibrational state to another with a different characteristic frequency but in doing so must move through a ‘transitional’ state of temporary dissonance. This is a delicate and usually unstable state which will quickly resolve to the next coherent state. However, the influence of an external electromagnetic field can be enough to destabilise the process enough to induce a dysfunctional attractor state and permanently change the course of cellular development so that even extremely weak stimuli can result in major and permanent changes.

Within this model then, the phenomenon of ‘disease’ can be viewed as an abnormal attractor state caused by an ‘incoherent’ vibrational energy supply.

In this model transitional vibrations, positioned just in between zones of coherent and decoherent states, are considered as zones of rearrangements of biomolecules, that can collectively be interpreted as rearrangements of ordering. It is estimated that transitions in the cell take place at the borders of order and ‘controlled disorder’.Meijer and Geesink

Voltage Gated Ion Channels are responsible for regulating the concentration of minerals inside our cells. These are particularly sensitive to external electromagnetic fields and artificial stimulation leads to an excess of calcium inside the cell leading to inflammation and possibly cell death. (M. Pall 2013).

The structure and location of the voltage sensor and the Coulomb’s law and Ohm’s law, predict that the EMF forces on the voltage sensor are strong, approximately 7.2 million times stronger than the forces on singly electrically charged groups in the aqueous parts of our cells and bodies.” Geesink and Meijer

Back to Martin Pall: “Electromagnetic fields, including the highly pulsed and therefore highly dangerous 5G millimetre wave radiation, act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) with VGCC activation producing five different effects, each of which have roles in stimulating the replication and spread of coronaviruses:”

  •  Excessive intracellular calcium
  • Oxidative stress
  • NF-kappaB elevation
  • Inflammation
  • Apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Cancer is hypothesised to be a state whereby the cell has started to adopt its own harmonic series of vibrations that is different to that of the main organism; they are coherent in themselves but different from the surrounding tissue. So the growth is not a normal disease state where the cell dies after a short time, it is ‘normal’ structured growth but divorced from the usual morphogenetic regulation.

He (Fröhlich ) assumed, for example, that cancer induction pathways include a link with disturbed coherent electric vibrations. A cancer cell may escape from the essential interactions with the surrounding healthy cells and may exhibit an individual (independent) activity if the healthy frequency spectrum is perturbated (Fröhlich, 1978).

Meijer and Geesink were able to prove this hypothesis by analysing about 120 biomedical studies related to cancer, showing a frequency band pattern of cancer-promoting and cancer- inhibiting frequencies that could be described by quantum wave interference and was explained by influences on the supposed Bose – Einstein type of cellular behaviour (Meijer and Geesink, 2018).

Neurons are able to sense gigahertz and terahertz frequencies and responses of cortical slices of the adrenal gland are at THz frequencies and low power densities.
Inhibition in neurotransmission was measured in rats at below the thermal threshold for millimetre waves and well within common safety limits.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is referred to as a molecular unit of currency of intracellular energy transfer. It is used for transport work, mechanical work and chemical work in the cells.”
“The Warburg observation concerning ATP generation in cancer cells has been analysed with regard to the likely involvement of H+ resonance effects on the angular velocity of the ATP synthase rotor.

Bacterial bio-films form part of the human microbiome and consist of organised colonies of microbes which cooperate with each other and help to sustain the bacteria themselves.
These have been found to communicate using EMF in the gigahertz frequencies and disruption of their function is implicated in many chronic disease states including cancer.

Microwave radiation was found to accelerate the process of diffusion. Exposure to the field modifies the structure of water in terms of the ratio of coherent water domains to non-coherent, creating a reactive boundary layer of quasi-free electrons on the coherent domains.

Coherence as a quantitative resource
Some frequencies are good and some are bad but in the general case, we will be subjected to a multiple wavelengths. A mathematical formula is developed to calculate a single number denoting the overall degree of ‘coherence’ so that this can now be regarded as a quantitative resource that can be generated and supplied to living systems – a vibrational ‘nutrient’.

  • Ultra-weak EMF can cause cellular dysfunction well below the so-called ‘thermal’ threshold. The effects are perhaps better described in terms of ‘informational’ rather than ‘energetic’ disruption.
  • Coherent water domains act as sensitive antenna for specific frequencies and will use this information to physically arrange cellular contents and effect the construction of bio-molecules.
  • Bio-molecules under living conditions form quantum states that are hyper-sensitive to weak EMF and act as signal transducers.
  • Beneficial frequencies are positioned on a twelve note harmonic scale to within an accuracy of 1.4% and studies should take this into account.
  • The ‘chaotic’ nature of living systems allows for the fact that sometimes a very small stimulus can have a very large consequence.
  • Frequency modulation of coherent frequencies shows a detrimental effect.
  • The possibility exists of improving population health by including in cell-phone transmission, additional beneficial frequencies to mitigate the effects of existing detrimental frequencies.


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