Official temperature data

The data from the UK Met Office showing the Central England Temperature can be downloaded from here and is easily plotted on a graph. It shows a rise of maybe 1°C over the past 360 years but also variations of up to 5°C within that period.

But look how the Met Office represent their own data! The data is exactly the same as the chart above, but the axes of the chart have been chosen to make the slight temperature rise look as alarming as possible. Link.

The ‘official’ global temperature data comes from NASA who maintain two separate datasets as shown on the right.

The dotted black line is the measured data and the blue line has been ‘corrected’.

See the NASA website here

NASA claim that this manipulation ‘reduces the historical trends’. This may be so but as we can see, the visual effect is to create a line that is steeper than it was before. It appears now that the temperature has been rising very rapidly since 1950 and that without these adjustments to the data, there is a risk that we would not have noticed it.
The temperature rise is about 1°C in 140 years.

The blue line is the one that will be used by the mainstream press for propaganda purposes and they will likely show only the portion from 1950 onwards (see right).
There are actually good reasons why the data needs to be ‘normalised’ but it is a complex procedure offers many opportunities for deliberate fraud.

In this embarrassing clip, Senator Malcolm Roberts confronts alarmist Brian Cox with the fact that the data has been changed by NASA themselves and is treated with contempt as Mr Cox throws the fake graph at Roberts to applause and cheers from his fan club.

Brian cox claims there is an ‘absolute consensus‘ that human action is leading to an increase in temperatures. But if the consensus was absolute then there would be no sceptics and we would not hear the term ‘climate denier’. There any many qualified scientists who maintain that there is no such thing as ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’; Piers Corbyn, Tony Heller, Don Easterbrook, Tony Watts, Judith Curry, Tim Ball, William Happer..

Carbon dioxide

The official carbon dioxide record comes from measurements made at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii. Download here.
The chart shows no significant rise in CO2 levels since records began