Graphene Oxide

There are persistent rumours that vaccines contain significant amounts of Graphene Oxide as an active ingredient and a lawsuit is being prepared on this basis.
A crucial part of the lawsuit uses a paper by The Scientist’s Club as evidence of this. Parts of this paper, however, are seriously flawed.

The contention of this article is that some of the electron micrographs that purport to show the hexagonal structure of graphene oxide are in fact showing nothing more than the properties of water, whether structured by common proteins or by the glass microscope slide itself.

The diagram, taken from Gerald Pollack’s site shows the structure of ‘EZ’ water.
This water is also known as ‘interfacial’ water and will occur naturally whenever water meets a hydrophilic surface such as glass.
It is hexagonal in structure and has the formula H3O2.

This chart from the Scientist’s club shows that the vaccine sample will absorb ultra-violet light at 270 nm, and presents this as evidence of graphene oxide.

The problem is that the water itself has exactly the same absorption spectrum as the chart above, even when containing no impurities at all!
From Gerald Pollack paper on EZ water here

Similar charts appear all over the place with scientists imagining that they have discovered all kinds of new properties of proteins, DNA etc. but it is all just water in contact with glass.

Another photo from the paper shows an interference pattern and claims that it is similar to that from a ‘standard sample’ of graphene oxide.
This may be so, but an almost identical picture is to be found in Pollack’s book on page 58 and is caused by water in contact with ‘subunit-c of ATP synthase’.

ATP synthase is a common protein and in water, will create a variety of crystalline structures including hexagonal shapes that look distinctly artificial but are completely organic in origin. PDF

A final image, not from the paper.
This one has also been presented elsewhere as proof of graphene oxide in vaccines.
It shows the meniscuses of tiny air bubbles in plain water.


The article mentions a few papers suggesting the presence of graphene oxide but claims the Scientist’s Club paper as confirming its presence.

In view of the ambiguities/inaccuracies mentioned above, the evidence should be thoroughly reviewed before drawing definite conclusions.

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