Resonant recognition model

According to the resonant recognition model of Irena Cosic, molecular interaction is via photon signalling, using a single unique frequency to achieve a single unique biological function.

Molecules ‘recognise’ and ‘excite’ each other by the exchange of photons of a specific common frequency.

The paper asks: “If biological function is considered as selective interaction of protein and its target, then a more fundamental question arises: What is the physical basis of this
interaction and how is this selectivity achieved?”

“Each biological process involves a number of interactions between proteins and their targets (other protein, DNA regulatory segment or small molecule). Each of these processes
involves energy transfer between interacting molecules. These interactions are highly selective and this selectivity is defined within the protein structure.”

The team looked at the biological function of distinct proteins and used signals processing techniques to show that “the best correlation can be achieved with parameters which are related to the energy of delocalized electrons of each amino acid.”

It has been shown that proteins and their DNA or protein targets share the same characteristic frequency but of opposite phase, for each in a pair of interacting macromolecules. Thus, it can be postulated that RRM characteristic frequencies characterize not only general functions but also provide recognition between a particular protein and its target (receptor, ligand, etc.).”

The paper concludes: “Each specific biological function of protein or regulatory DNA
sequence is characterized by a single frequency

Peptide design

Knowing the operational frequencies of specific biological functions now allows the design of amino acid sequences that will have the corresponding spectral characteristics.
A series of peptides were designed having the same action as human glucagon but shorter in length.

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Cosic, Irena. (1995). Macromolecular bioactivity: Is it resonant interaction between macromolecules? – Theory and applications. IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering. 41. 1101-14. 10.1109/10.335859.