5G and Covid

Statistical correlation

There are many statistical correlations and coincidences between 5G rollout and outbreaks of Covid-19

Here Magda Havas PhD looked at deaths from Covid in US states with 5G and those without 5G and found that on average there were twice as many deaths in those states that had 5G installed.

In this video, Spanish scientist Bartomeu Payeras looks at the rollout of 5G in Europe, China and Africa and sees that wherever and whenever 5G is installed there is an outbreak of Covid. link

Biological mechanism

There is an established biological mechanism by which electromagnetic radiation can cause disease involving the ‘voltage gated calcium channels’ that are present in every cell in our body.

Our cells regulate the amount of minerals they contain by opening or closing ‘ion channels’ using small changes in electric voltage and the strong oscillating electromagnetic fields of 5G (and even 4G, 3G and radio waves) can disrupt this regulation and cause cellular dysfunction, cell death, inflammation and disease.

Martin Pall PhD explains in detail


“It’s interesting that if you look up radiation exposure/sickness and radiation pneumonitis it’s all the same symptoms as C-19” – Ann Devlin (radiographer)


There are many papers on the influence (Italian – influenza) of planetary and solar magnetic fields on disease processes.

“All together, accumulated data support the idea about cycles of solar activity as the pacemaker of numerous biological phenomena including epidemics of some infectious diseases and dynamic changes in immunological parameters of living beings.”


5G, solar Activity and Coronaviruslink

“If just a single one of these pathways proves correct, the connection from weak EMF to flu pandemics is proven.” – Einar Flydal

Disturbance of the immune system by electromagnetic fields. A potentially underlying cause for cellular damage and tissue repair reduction which could lead to disease and impairment


Radio wave sickness

Even before 5G it was known that EMF could cause flu like symptoms

“On physical exam they had acrocyanosis, sweating, tremors, altered reflexes, heart arrhythmias, unstable pulse and blood pressure, abnormal EEGs and EKGs and signs of oxygen deprivation to the heart and brain.”


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Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G


  • Changes in red blood cells causing echinocytes or burr cells in the blood
  • Rouleax formation and blood clotting
  • Reduction of haemoglobin levels leading to oxygen deprivation
  • Immunosuppression and hyperinflammation
  • Increasing oxidative stress and free radicals leading to organ damage
  • Excessive levels of calcium ions in the cells
  • Heart arrhythmia and cardiac disorders

5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells
(The Fioranelli paper)

This paper raises the possibility that virus particles can be produced by the vibration of cells at certain frequencies which create hexagonal structures similar to the alleged shape of the virus.

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