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The Heart is not a Pump [page]
The heart is not primarily a pressure pump as commonly thought but imparts rotational and electromagnetic energy into the blood which is later released and converted to flow, making the blood appear to propel itself around the vascular system.
Electromagnetism and Blood [page]

Distant cellular interaction [page]
Cells can communicate outside of their immediate neighbourhood via ultra weak photon emission (UPE). Effects can be visible at the level of the cell and up to the whole organism. Effects can be linked to solar activity and the Earth’s magnetic field.

The DNA delusion [page]

  • DNA is not the blueprint for life
  • DNA mutations are not random.
  • Natural selection plays little to no part in evolution
  • Evolution of form is decoupled from that of genes
  • DNA is not the physical substance of inheritance

Influenza and resonance [page]
Flu is clearly seasonal but is not correlated with local levels of light or temperature.
The population is not responding instantaneously to local environmental factors but rather is resonating to subtle geophysical influences.

Vitamin D supplementation [page]
Low vitamin D levels are the result of inflammatory conditions – not the cause of them. Magnesium deficiency is a likely root cause. Supplementation is useless at best and dangerous for some. Stored levels from summer sun are sufficient.

Do viruses exist? [page]
Contrary to what most people think, there is no proof of the existence of any pathogenic virus; not flu nor covid nor AIDS, measles, chickenpox, syphilis..
This page gives a short introduction as to how the misconception came about and is maintained by bad laboratory technique.

Healing Frequencies [page]
The main carrier of information in biological systems is electro-acoustic waves and both electromagnetic waves and ultrasound waves are converted to this ‘format’ and so both have the same effect. Some frequencies have healing effects and others promote disease states. The healthy frequencies all lie on a Pythagorean Harmonic Scale.

Fake biology [page]

  • Virus isolation fraud
  • DNA and genetics fraud
  • Vitamin supplementation fraud
  • GMOs, genetic disorders, vaccines .. all frauds

What is Qi? [page]

This page looks at how electromagnetic information and energy are transmitted around the body and compares this to existing descriptions of the essential ‘life force’ of traditional Chinese medicine.

Graphene Oxide [part1] [part 2]
Is there really any good evidence of graphene oxide in the vials?
Water, when in contact with biological matter can take on a variety of geometric shapes which can prove deceptive without specialist knowledge.

The Origins of Life [page]
The creation of first life was not a complete accident but was the expression of a molecular code-script which organises molecules and energy transfer via a harmonic scale of frequencies hard-wired into the fabric of reality and found in mineral clays, quantum vibrations, the resonant frequencies of water and all life forms.

The Primo Vascular System [page]
The Bong-Han ducts named after their discoverer Kim Bong-Han (left) comprise an organised system of fluid filled vessels that are present in the arteries and chambers of the heart and surround every organ in the body.
They are thought to be the physical organ of the Acupuncture system; the conduit for Qi energy.

5G and Covid [page]
There are many statistical correlations between the 5G rollout and the onset of ‘Covid” outbreaks.
Many experts are now convinced of a causal link and a mechanism for disease is proposed via disruption of the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels.

The Biofield Hypothesis [page]
This page summarizes the idea that the electrical systems in the body are not independent but integrated into a connected whole which forms the Biofield.
If true, this would provide a scientific basis for the various types of ‘Energy Medicine’.

Transmutation [page]
Can base elements really be changed to other elements outside of a nuclear reactor?
Conventional physics says not but many experiments by respected scientists suggest that it is in fact possible and does in fact happen within living cells on a daily basis.