Advocates of Genetic Engineering claim that they are merely accelerating evolutionary processes and that this necessarily means that the resulting ‘franken-foods’ are in fact ‘substantial equivalents’ of natural products and that a degree of safety can therefore be assumed.
Of course none of this is actually true.

It was once thought that genes were the ‘blueprint for life’ and that subtle manipulation of the DNA could produce pretty much any desired feature in an organism. Scientists fantasised that their alterations to the genetic code would remain stable throughout the lifetime of an individual and that the resulting phenotypic traits would be transferred to the next generation to maintain the advantageous modifications. Under this scheme, the genetic modifications could be applied independently of each other and would remain confined to a single hereditable line and certainly not spread to other species.

It seems though that amongst the scientific community it has been known for the last 40 years or so that there is no simple mapping between DNA base pairs and the physical characteristics of an organism. So there is no gene for height, nor for ‘musical ability’, ‘herbicide resistance’ or ‘drought tolerance’. (Ho, Noble, Levin, Lanka, Wikipedia..) In other words, the whole premise upon which the GMO industry was founded has turned out to be false and it is unlikely therefore that any good can come out of it.

GMO free – Exposing the hazards of biotechnology to ensure the integrity of our food supply” Mae-Wan Ho, Lim Li Ching.

In this book, Ho and Ching show that the practices of the GMO industry are self-serving and dangerous, with the scientific theory proving to be a resounding failure even according to their own narrative.

  • GM crops have failed to deliver the promised benefits
  • GM crops are posing escalating problems on the farms
  • Extensive cross-species contamination is inevitable
  • GM crops are not safe and the regulatory framework is inadequate
  • GM foods also raise serious safety concerns
  • Dangerous gene products are incorporated into crops
  • ‘Terminator’ crops spread male sterility to other species
  • Broad spectrum herbicides are highly toxic to humans and other non-target species
  • Transgenic DNA in food is taken up by bacteria in the gut
  • Transgenic DNA survives digestion and is found in the genome of mammalian cells
  • Transgenic DNA contaminates the bacteria in the soil
  • The GMO industry has demonstrated a history of misrepresentation and suppression of scientific evidence

Safety standards are, by the industry’s own admission deliberately vague and ambiguous in order to accommodate a continuously developing technology. They are theoretical and ‘relative’, with no absolute reference.
Studies unsympathetic to commercial concerns are stopped prematurely and the results never published.

The principle of Substantial Equivalence enables a product to be declared ‘safe’ if it can be argued that it is somehow similar to a naturally occurring organism in some way that may or may not be related to safety concerns.

This principle is ill defined and permits the following scientific abominations:

  • Application of the least discriminating tests
  • Avoidance of detailed molecular characterisation of the transgenic insert
  • Comparison of irrelevancies to establish ‘equivalence’
  • Comparison of the transgenic product to favourable non-transgenic organism
  • Comparison of transgenic product to fictitious ‘composites’ by cherry-picking individual characteristics from different varieties of the same species!

Transgenic contamination is unavoidable. With safety zones of 100m around crops, trans-gene transmission by insect pollination and wind-blown particles is measurable, widespread and inevitable.

There can be no co-existence of transgenic and non-transgenic crops” – Ho, Ching.

Broad spectrum herbicides are used which are poisonous to neighbouring crops, wild animals and the human population. The toxins find their way into the soil and soil bacteria.

Modifications of the genetically engineered crops somehow find their way into the local weed population which in turn becomes more resistant to the herbicides, necessitating increasing doses of these chemicals.

The GMO industry is driving glyphosate sales.

The consistent finding from independent research since 1999 is that GM crops have failed to deliver the promised benefits of increasing yields or reduction of herbicide or pesticide use”

GM crops have cost the US $12 billion in farm subsidies – “Ho, Ching.

In some cases, pests have developed resistance to multiple toxins and have even adapted to use some toxins as nutrition, thereby becoming an even greater nuisance than before the adoption of the new technology.

Gene ‘editing’ is performed by the introduction of new genetic material into the organism with the assistance of a ‘vector’ which could be a cellular toxin or even an electric current but never tweezers.

Another way is by micro-projectile bombardment of the DNA to force mutation.

These methods are crude and brutal in the extreme compared to what happens natural evolution, where the cellular cytoplasm and DNA are kept in tune with each other and develop together, often towards specific ‘goals’ – see The fluid genome for two examples.

The instability of transgenic lines has plagued the industry from the beginning and this may be responsible for a string of major crop failures.

Genetic Engineering can in no way be equated with conventional breeding or mutagenesis.” – Ho, Ching.

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GMO free – Exposing the hazards of biotechnology to ensure the integrity of our food supply” Mae-Wan Ho, Lim Li Ching.

“Meaning of Life & the Universe: Transforming” – Mae-Wan Ho
Chapter 4: Epigenetics and generative dynamics
 ISBN-10. 981310886X ; ISBN-13. 978-9813108868

Ten Years of the Human GenomeReams of data and no progress in sight Mae-Wan Ho

Beyond neo-Darwinism – an epigenetic approach to evolution

Central Dogma or Central Debate? Denis Noble

A theory of biological relativity: no privileged level of causation – Denis Noble

Influenza and Resonance

What causes flu? It is clearly seasonal but is not correlated with local levels of light or temperature.

The population is not responding instantaneously to local environmental factors but rather is resonating to subtle annual influences and has, over the years, become ‘entrained’ to geophysical cycles.

This first chart shows deaths from influenza peaking almost exactly on the shortest day of the year, every year. Flu cannot be triggered by shorter day lengths or else populations up near the arctic circle would start to experience outbreaks in late October, say, but they don’t. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to have either two weeks of either continuous sunshine or heavy cloud cover around mid-winter which should skew the figures somewhat. The pattern for hospital admissions and deaths is the same for all sufficiently northern latitudes.

The second chart shows that hospital admissions also follow a strict annual cycle but with peaks in week 50 ie two weeks before the deaths around solstice. (The chart says week 40 but this is surely a typo?).

So how can this be? How can the body ‘know’ that the shortest day is in two weeks time and why do people tend to actually die on the ‘worst’ day of the year rather than getting ill on that particular day and holding on for a bit before succumbing to whatever it is a few weeks later.

A model based on resonant biorhythms

What can possibly even describe such precisely organised synchrony with the seasons?

Hypothesis The body operates on a scale of harmonic cycles (bio-rhythms) and these internal cycles are coupled to external rhythms by light and temperature levels, geo-magnetic field intensity, humidity levels etc.

Over the years, the internal cycles become entrained to the external geophysical cycles, both diurnal and annual and possibly lunar as well. This happens through subtle external influences such as light, temperature and magnetic field strength as well as internal conditioning by sleep and dietary habits.

Let us assume that these cycles induce similar cycles in the availability of certain essential ‘resources’. We will not attempt to define these resources at first but will assume that they then follow their own sinusoidal cycle and will reach an annual low at the shortest part of the year by the phenomenon of resonance.

Most people will be OK with this but for some, their body will respond dramatically typically two weeks before the lowest point. A critical threshold is crossed and some in-built emergency protocol is initiated which will normally resolve this crisis by releasing, generating, or substituting for, the depleted ‘resource’.

So the cycles are due to reach a ‘low’ at solstice and it is the internal cycle of depletion that is effectively the same in anyone regardless of latitude that is responsible for triggering the fever state.

So what is the missing resource?
Biological systems are regulated via a system of coupled harmonic oscillators from peta-herz frequencies to annual rhythms, with tera-hertz (visible light) frequencies in particular being used to organise and regulate cellular maintenance and repair.

It takes continual energy and resources to maintain these vibrations and a missing frequency or incoherent signalling is going to cause trouble. There are many ways that the body maintains the circuits, resonant energy transfer between harmonically related cycles being one obvious candidate and another being signal transduction via organised water domains. These latter exist in their own right but will also self-organise in and around proteins DNA and mitochondria.

These organelles have the ability to input energy via infra-red light or the random vibrations of heat and accumulate it until there is enough to output a photon of ultra-violet (say) light which has enough energy to do useful ‘work’ within the cellular environment.

So if we are low on essential vibrational frequencies, a fever state is ideal for the generation of copious amounts of intra-cellular heat which can be transduced to the missing energy and harmony (literally) is thus restored.

In this scenario then, the symptoms are not the disease but rather a mechanism of restoration. The problem is the missing energies which may manifest as low energy or some sort of tissue degeneration but the fever is the necessary heat production to restore normality,

Dynamical resonance can account for seasonality of influenza epidemics

Authors: Jonathan Dushoff, Joshua B. Plotkin, Simon A. Levin, and David J. D. Earn

In this paper the authors essentially agree with this idea but instead of proposing individual bio-rhythms as creating the population harmonics, they suggest that natural cycles of influenza incidence are caused by pandemic ‘boom and bust’ ie infection followed by immunity followed again by viral mutation, loss of immunity and another outbreak. This cycle is then entrained by external factors that are ‘too weak to measure’.

So the mechanism of disease is incorrect but the underlying mathematical model to explain seasonality is the same: coupled harmonic oscillators. The fact that two completely different approaches converge upon the same idea, namely that of ‘resonance’, lends weight to the claim that this is in fact the predominant causal pattern.


Dynamical resonance can account for seasonality of influenza epidemics
Authors: Jonathan Dushoff, Joshua B. Plotkin, Simon A. Levin, and David J. D. Earn

The human body frequency – Khaled Hamlaoui
A very brief summary of the work of Bruce Tainio

The Kuramoto model of resonant synchronisation

2022: A summary

Some questions from 2022 have been answered fully and there are considerable gaps in others.
This page is a summary of some of these and a ‘to do’ list for 2023.

Influenza is largely a phenomenon of biorhythms and can be described almost entirely in terms of seasonal resonance. Almost all influenza deaths are in the two weeks either side of winter solstice and no intervention has ever altered this. There is no known ’cause’ as such but the pattern of sickness and death seems predictable and inevitable. 5G and vaccine toxicity increase mortality.

Indications of chaotic behaviour in biological systems mean that some things will simply not be predictable in individual instances but will form patterns on a population-wide scale. Resonant effects alone can de-couple immediate cause and effect making analysis incomprehensible to normal humans.

Vitamin D supplementation is somewhere between useless and fatal.
Morley Robbins

Homeopathy has several plausible explanations but the simplest is that the dissolved particles are still present in the final preparation Jayesh Bellare

Cancer is a failure of cellular growth regulation caused by a detachment from the rest of the morphogenetic field owing to the fact that the tissue is operating under a different frequency set to that of the rest of the organism. This was predicted by Fröhlich in 1940 or so and proved by Geesink and Meijer as recently as 2020 by measuring the frequency signature of tumours
Fröhlich condensates

The cell begins to use a parallel metabolic system based upon anaerobic consumption of glucose (Otto Warburg) and growth is unrestrained Morley Robbins

Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention
“Carcinogenesis fits in a frequency pattern of electromagnetic field (EMF) waves, in which a gradual loss of cellular organization occurs. Such generation of cancer features can be inhibited by adequate exposure to coherent electromagnetic frequencies. However, cancer can also be initiated and promoted at other distinct frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Both observations were revealed by analyzing 100 different EMF frequency data reported in a meta-analyses of 123 different, earlier published, biomedical studies.”

The GM Scale discovered by Geesink and Meijer is the most interesting scientific discovery of recent years and has implications for:
The origins of life The Origins of Life
Healing and health Healing frequencies
Dangers of EMF EMF and the GM scale

Chi or Qi is probably a toroidal flow of (amongst other things) electro-acoustic and colloid vibration currents around the body. This is surprising and since the currents are hard to measure, use no obvious physical ‘wires’ and have no discernible source or even destination, it isn’t surprising that they have remained elusive. Several scientists though have noted self-organising currents in the skin, muscles, bones and brain and been puzzled as to their cause and origins.

Electricity, however, always flows in a circuit (circles) and if the body is full of circular paths, they must have a global organisation (not cross over each other for example) and a power source.
Organisation cannot be isomorphic to a sphere because of the hairy ball theorem so a multi-hole torus is indicated, with vortices at the chakras.

ESP. I still haven’t seen decent evidence of this. The most scientific approach is via the Ganzfeld Protocol but the Shnoll Effect casts doubt upon the existence of truly random number generators. The Shnoll Effect

Telekinesis. Several apparently intelligent and respected scientists believe in the authenticity of people like Ted Serios but all demonstrations I have seen or read about by him or others have the hallmarks of conjuring tricks eg. showy attention seeking, obvious gimmicks and macguffins, overbearing personality and absolute need to control the conditions of the experiment.

Free energy videos are all conjuring tricks. They all bear the hallmarks and this is the simplest explanation for what we see. The only hope for free energy seems to be to tap into the tiny quantum fluctuations of the vacuum field maybe via the Casimir effect. The the only apparatus to do this with any efficiency so far is something called an ‘organic life form’ and even there it is used more for information and organisation rather than for ‘fuel’.

Intentionality experiments provide no scientific definition of ‘intentionality’ and no purported mechanism by which they can work and so do not fall under the classification of ‘science’

Tuning fork therapy is popular but there is no clinical evidence for its effectiveness – Eileen Day McKusick:Tuning the human biofield

Consciousness is more interesting and it turns out that quite a lot can be said about it from the point of view of conventional physics and there is actually considerable agreement from the ‘esoteric’ crowd.
Cortical activity does not actually correlate with cognition so probably consciousness is ‘somewhere else’.
Possibly the zero point energy field is the ‘substrate of consciousness’ or maybe a fourth spatial dimension.

The nature of consciousness is probably ‘holographic’ and ‘frequency like’ rather than ‘space-like’ and ‘time like’ so it is analogous to a Fourier transform of external reality.
Wherever and whatever it is, both information transfer and causality are bi-directional.
If any form of ESP exists then this is the mechanism by which it may work but it won’t be what people think it is and at the moment it isn’t at all clear what sort of experiments to do.
If anyone solves the problem it will be the quantum physicists.

Bohm/Pibram: The geometry of consciousness:

Morphogenesis. Michael Levin thinks that cellular networks self-organise and control morphology via voltage gradients.
The central problem is that there does not appear to be enough ‘information’ lying around to describe an entire organism. Many physicists say that some sort of ‘template’ must exist, again, maybe somewhere in the zero-point field, the substrate of consciousness. Morphogenesis

Acupuncture is undoubtedly good at anaesthesia but there seems to be no clinical evidence that it is effective at anything else and even in the case of anaesthesia, the mechanism is unknown and so experiments can only prove correlation and not causation.
Probably it is part of a larger system of medicine dating from a lost civilisation and will only make sense if and when the larger context is re-discovered.
Acupuncture Research: Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base – MacPherson, Hammerschlag et al.

5G is obviously dangerous but it is possible to challenge local installations on legal grounds. You need some guidance though else you will end up losing and paying exorbitant court fees. Members of the Michael Mansfield legal team may be willing to help in the UK.
EMF and Biology

Climate Emergency declarations (UK) can and should be challenged on the grounds that no public consultation has taken place locally, so the whole rollout is illegal. Even the mere threat of prosecution of the officers involved (not the local councils but the actual individuals) has been shown to have an immediate shock effect.

Flat Earth. All flat Earth videos are full of obvious nonsense that intelligent people could easily debunk if they actually wanted to. They are however, well produced, with nice CGI graphics and professional voice-overs. The scripts are near identical so I think a lot of money is being spent here in an organised fashion and the whole thing is a deliberate (and successful) attempt at misinformation.
The globe Earth crowd are complacent about their convictions and don’t seem to see the need for proper proof. Flat Earth – Round Earth

Cosmology. The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Project are probably correct and the universe is best thought of as a continual transfer of energy from galactic to sub-atomic scale and back, with organic life forms partaking of this to maintain both physical and cognitive integrity and consciousness arising as a side effect.
Moon craters

Birkeland currents are an efficient method of energy transfer at all scales of the universe from intergalactic clouds to flow of blood within the arteries.
The Richat structure
The Heart is not a Pump

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The Heart is not a Pump [page]
The heart is not primarily a pressure pump as commonly thought but imparts rotational and electromagnetic energy into the blood which is later released and converted to flow, making the blood appear to propel itself around the vascular system.
Electromagnetism and Blood [page]

Cytopathic Mirror Effect [page]
Cellular cultures placed in a sealed chamber and separated by a quartz window are found to communicate via either electromagnetic or electro-acoustic signalling and to modify their behaviour according to such signals.

5G and Covid [page]
There are many statistical correlations between the 5G rollout and the onset of ‘Covid” outbreaks.
Many experts are now convinced of a causal link and a mechanism for disease is proposed via disruption of the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels.

Do viruses exist? [page]
Contrary to what most people think, there is no proof of the existence of any pathogenic virus; not flu nor covid nor AIDS, measles, chickenpox, syphilis..
This page gives a short introduction as to how the misconception came about and is maintained by bad laboratory technique.

Healing Frequencies [page]
The main carrier of information in biological systems is electro-acoustic waves and both electromagnetic waves and ultrasound waves are converted to this ‘format’ and so both have the same effect. Some frequencies have healing effects and others promote disease states. The healthy frequencies all lie on a Pythagorean Harmonic Scale.

The Biofield Hypothesis [page]
This page summarizes the idea that the electrical systems in the body are not independent but integrated into a connected whole which forms the Biofield.
If true, this would provide a scientific basis for the various types of ‘Energy Medicine’.

Transmutation [page]
Can base elements really be changed to other elements outside of a nuclear reactor. Conventional physics says not but many experiments by respected scientists suggest that it is in fact possible and does in fact happen within living cells on a daily basis.

Graphene Oxide [part1] [part 2]
Is there really any good evidence of graphene oxide in the vials?
Water, when in contact with biological matter can take on a variety of geometric shapes which can prove deceptive without specialist knowledge.

Stefan Lanka and Pi water

Stefan Lanka has said that the water inside the human body is ‘Pi water’. It is said to be a completely different substance to H2O ‘bulk water’ and he believes it to be the primordial ‘aether’ from which all substances on life originate.

This will sound like crazy nonsense to many people but Lanka is a prominent figurehead in the ‘new biology’ movement so it is proper to examine some of these claims.

Stefan Lanka
  • There is a substance that is a fundamental part of the realization of life and that is the so-called “water membrane” or surface tension of water.” – Lanka
  • This membrane, which is wrongly defined as the 4th phase of water, is the substance that water itself creates when it comes into contact with gases, solid surfaces, dissolved substances or when whirling movements are generated.” – Lanka
  • Dr Peter Augustin assumes that this substance is a substance in its own right: the primordial substance of life, from which all elements, molecules and biological life arise.” – Understanding Pi Water – Dr Stefan Lanka

The Fourth Phase of Water is a term coined by Gerald Pollack to describe what happens when water comes into contact with a hydrophilic substance such as glass or biological tissue. The water changes its chemical composition to H3O2 and forms a densely packed liquid crystalline structure with decidedly different properties to H2O bulk water.

So this new substance has a different chemical formula to water, a different density, electrical conductivity, heat capacity and dielectric properties. It is quite correct then to refer to this a completely different substance. After all, table salt or Sodium Chloride, isn’t referred to as a form of Chlorine and has different properties to both Chlorine and Sodium.

The properties of compound chemicals are quite different from their constituent elements.

Furthermore, this substance Pi Water can transform back to normal water so it is as correct to say that H2O is a form of Pi Water as it is to say that Pi Water is a phase of H2O.

The Navier-Stokes equations are what is used to describe the behaviour of water and air for most practical purposes on a macro scale.

The equations model water as a continuously flowing and infinitely divisible medium. The model does not mention molecules and by representing water as a continuum, actually rules out their existence as part of the theory.

The equations can be used for air, water or liquid metal, say as they are independent of the presumed molecular structure. The fact that it is H2O is irrelevant; the molecular structure is only apparent in laboratory experiments.

Physicists will say that that liquid water is composed of molecules and that the properties we see on a macro scale are ’emergent’ properties of a collection of microscopic particles. As far as I can tell though, there is no theory that describes how this could happen.

Prior to 1890 it was thought that atoms were vortices in the aether, in other words the microscopic is an illusion created from the macroscopic.

Which is true? It seems that neither assertion can be verified or falsified and there is no experiment that we can think of to distinguish between the two. So it is as correct (or incorrect) to say that “molecules are an artefact of the laboratory process; they are how water behaves under a microscope” as it is to say “liquid is an emergent property of molecules; that is how they behave when there are lots of them”.

Transmutation. The claim that Pi water is the source of all molecules and life itself is the statement that is perhaps most at odds with conventional science, which holds that the nucleus of the atom cannot be altered except by the application of massive energetic forces as found in a nuclear reactor.

However there is evidence that this does in fact happen somehow in biological systems: Transmutation


The compulsion of scientists to describe the Universe from ‘bottom up’ has held back progress and in the particular case of biology, has been a major influence in creating the current crisis that we now see, with biologists inventing ever smaller invisible ‘pathogens’ in an attempt to explain disease.

Likewise the idea that once something ‘is’ something then it is fixed and cannot change into anything else, is incorrect and unnecessarily restrictive.

“There is no privileged level of causation in biological systems” – Denis Noble.

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Understanding Pi Water: Recognising Life- Dr Stefan Lanka

We are not microbes: Stefan Lanka

Gerald Pollack and Structured water science

The Navier-Stokes equations

Vortex theory of the atom

A theory of biological relativity: no privileged level of causation – Denis Noble

Illuminating Water and Life: Mae-Wan Ho.


ESP and the Shnoll effect

Many many tightly controlled experiments seem to demonstrate some sort of ability to transfer thoughts, predict the future or to manipulate decisions made weeks or even years in the past.

This post suggests that some of these at least may be explained by non-random patterns in the data arising from some sort of cosmic synchrony: The Shnoll Effect.

The experiments demonstrating ESP share many similarities in common:

  • Weak correlation needing many experiments to demonstrate an effect
  • The ‘same’ level of correlation in all experiments
  • No real ‘meaningful’ transfer of complex information – mostly guessing coin tosses
  • Metal and acoustic shielding makes no difference
  • Subjects can be spatially or even temporally separated and still get an effect
  • A random number generator is often involved somehow
  • Some people are consistently better than others
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work at all

I am going to suggest that the transfer of information is an illusion similar to the illusion of viral transfer

The Shnoll Effect studied by Russian physicist Simon Shnoll (pictured right), suggests that even events at the atomic level such as radioactive decay are ‘tuned’ to planetary cycles and since the random number generators are based on exactly such effects we can guess that they are not in fact random but have subtle but specific biases.

Simon Shnoll

We know that when human subjects try to guess random numbers they will also exhibit certain biases. They will avoid any perceived patterns such as repeated characters for example ’99’ or ‘999’ even though these should occur occasionally in random streams.

So we should expect that these two non-random streams would have some small correlation which is possibly what we are seeing. People who habitually use certain guessing patterns will consistently out-perform others.

This theory fits all the observations made above. Some people will be disappointed by it but the Shnoll Effect suggests that something even more interesting is taking place, which is that all the parts of the Universe are constantly re-tuning themselves from planetary orbits down to atomic decay patterns.

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Dean Radin : The scientific evidence for telepathy.

Konstantin Korotkov: The energy of Consciousness.

The Shnoll Effect:

New Paradigm for Mankind – Cosmophysical Factors in the small
A video presentation of the Shnoll Effect.

Introduction: The crisis in biology

For this first post I will just make a list of some of the problems we are facing and which will be addressed in future posts and web pages.

  • Viruses as described do not exist and so no disease is caused by a virus.
  • The body is not composed of ‘cells’.
  • The main source of change and regulation in the body is not chemical action but electromagnetic field resonance.
  • Evolution as described by neo-Darwinism has been discredited even in mainstream science for the last 40 years or so.
  • Mutations of DNA are directed, not random.
  • Natural selection has nothing to do with evolution.
  • Genetic diseases (or, for that matter, cures) do not exist.
  • DNA is some sort of energy transducer – a photon buffer.
  • The current concept of ‘disease’ is flawed and misleading – ‘symptoms’ are part of a larger holistic maintenance system.
  • the heart is not primarily a pressure pump but an electrical induction pump and a monitor and synchroniser of biological regulatory systems.
  • The disillusionment with mainstream science is leading many otherwise intelligent people to reject it altogether.
  • Flat Earth pseudo-science is turning out to be a major distraction.

To understand biology, scientists will need to dip into electromagnetic field theory, the mathematics of resonance, frequency and vibration, quantum mechanics and chaos theory. The medics won’t like this. There are big prizes to be had for the physicists.

Future medicine will be called ‘Frequency Healing’, ‘Energy Medicine’ or ‘Informational medicine’ and will work by giving small resonant stimuli to an existing system of interconnected bio-rhythms. Only the body can heal itself.

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