Giorgio Piccardi

Giorgio Piccardi repeatedly did the same experiments involving various chemical reactions of the sort commonly found in biological organisms and found that reaction times varied with time of day, lunar cycle, season and solar activity, with eclipses being especially odd.

Effects vanished when a Faraday Cage was used, suggesting that variations in the Earth’s magnetic or electric field were affecting results.

Blood clotting times in rabbits were similarly affected.

Precipitation rates of colloids changed significantly following sunspots or climatic events.

As a matter of fact, water appeared as an accurate probe for a large number of external events. This property shed possible light on the capability of living organisms, which we know to have a dominant content of water, to perceive external events; more surprising, water and living organisms are shown to be able to perceive very subtle events, also below the resolution threshold of technical devices. – Del Giudice et al

Vladimir L. Voeikov and his Russian colleagues were able to detect peaks in the amount of photons emitted by water added with bicarbonates and Luminol coinciding with Sun and Moon eclipses, and also earthquakes occurring very far from Moscow where the lab was located.

Quantum Electrodynamics

“The surprising properties found, among others, by Piccardi and Voeikov, do not appear surprising at all in the Quantum Electrodynamic approach.

There is a coupling between the vector potential produced by the water Coherent Domains and the vector potential originating in the electromagnetic dynamics occurring in the environment, like the electromagnetic radiation produced by sunspots, cosmic events, atmospheric events and movements in the terrestrial crust. This situation is exactly what could give rise to the Bohm-Aharonov effect, according to which the phase of the system is changed by the magnetic vector potential.

As a consequence of this effect, coherent systems in general and aqueous systems, including living organisms in particular, are very sensitive detectors of weak magnetic fields through the detection of their magnetic potential.” – Del Giudice et al

Giorgio Piccardi: A Forgotten, But Great, Italian Scientist

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