EMF and the GM scale

Dutch physicists Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink discovered in 2016 that some electromagnetic frequencies are beneficial for human health and that some are detrimental.
The beneficial frequencies were not randomly distributed but lay on a twelve note musical scale they named the ‘Generalised electromagnetic scale of Geesink and Meijer’ – the GM scale.

The scientists examined 219 papers that reported either good or bad health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields and found that the frequencies that were used fell into two discrete ‘musical’ scales with one scale consisting of almost exclusively ‘bad’ frequencies (in red below) and the other of ‘good’ frequencies (in green). Additional bands of yellow were labelled as ‘transitional’ frequencies.

They later sampled over 700 papers and compared them against these scales and found a high degree of correlation between health effects and the positioning of the frequencies on the GM scale.

The physicists then went on to perform experiments and review the scientific literature to show that there are many physical and biological processes that rely upon precisely these frequencies to maintain order in living systems, thereby demonstrating now a causal relationship between the EMF and observed health effects.


Variability of results. must now be expected in laboratory experiments and large scale studies. To see a beneficial effect, the frequency of EMF must be within 1.4% of a ‘note’ on the GM scale.

Outcomes are also dependent upon the Earth’s magnetic field with some experiments showing a result in one laboratory but not an another at a different latitude or performed at a different time of year.

EMF ‘deniers’ still maintain that there are no detrimental effects from weak EMF and as ‘proof’ they will point to apparently well conducted studies that fail to show such effects. They claim that well designed studies show no ill effects and that such effects can only come from bad design, faulty assumptions or sub-standard laboratory technique.

We see now that this cannot be the case as the results above show clear structure in the outcomes that are related to the frequency of the radiation, whereas if they were the outcome of flawed design study the results would be random with respect to frequency. The pattern is proof of the effects.

Frequency healing practices now need to be revised in the light of this new knowledge. There is the possibility of discovering new frequencies and new healing effects from both EMF and acoustic energy. Any apparent healing effect that may be produced by an off scale frequency should be re-examined for possible side effects.

Safety standards should be revised to take into account these results. Organisations such as the ICNIRP do now recommend different exposure limits for high medium or low frequency bands but this is clearly completely inadequate as there are bad and good frequencies sitting right next to each other within each of these bands.

The 5G frequencies unfortunately are mostly detrimental to human health.

A note of optimism? The good frequencies work by providing a guidance principle of vibratory ‘coherence’ for order in biological systems whereas the off-key frequencies promote dissonance and chaos. The authors hypothesise that the inclusion of some of the good frequencies in the output from transmitters could actually offset the effects of the bad and improve the overall health of the population.

Biological resonance

The fact that biological systems are affected by weak electromagnetic radiation at a discrete scale of frequencies implies that there must be some mechanism for such energy transference in a meaningful way. Such a mechanism must necessarily to be resonant in nature in order to distinguish the signal from thermal ‘noise’ and this in turn means that there are specific structures within the body for detection and ‘interpretation’ of such frequencies.

A new field of research is thus opened up and old results can be re-interpreted from the perspective of this new discovery.


A new organising principle for living systems has been discovered and all research in the relationship between EMF and health needs to be re-examined.

The pattern of ill health effects is proof of their validity and proof of the effects of non-ionising radiation at field strengths well below the so called thermal threshold.


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