Killer street lamps

Mark Steele is a popular and charismatic anti-5g activist who has made a series of videos in which he takes apart a streetlamp, informs us of the dangerous components within and suggests their true purpose as a “weaponised kill grid”

The video seems quite persuasive but there are quite a few mistakes however..

  • 01:15 “This is a very blatant weapon system” – No. It is a piece of wire kept straight by a stiff piece of plastic. It is a monopole antenna, a small radio aerial. It is used for monitoring performance and maybe switching lights on and off remotely. In other videos, Steele has described this as ‘a dipole antenna’ and even ‘a monopole antenna’.
  • 01:30 “This is 5G it’s a scanner” – Rubbish, it is a small antenna.
  • 01:40 “That thing on the end it’s got a dielectric lens” – No it hasn’t, a dielectric lens actually looks like a lens, is bigger and has a more complex infrastructure.
  • 01:41 “A very sophisticated piece of target acquiring weaponry” – Well it looks like a piece of wire in a plastic strip to the rest of us.
  • 01:55 “That there is a 450 volt capacitor – it is totally unnecessary on a piece of equipment like this.” – Wrong again, this is precisely the minimum size of capacitor needed for our 240 volt ac mains power supply. Voltage varies and may well peak at 350 volts so a 450 volt capacitor is prudent. Without the capacitor the whole thing will blow up.
  • 03:40 “This is a dipole antenna – it radiates in all directions” – Wrong yet again. Dipole antennas are a ‘T’ shape. The frequency broadcast by an antenna will depend upon its length and given that this is about 9cm long it will broadcast at a frequency of about 900 megahertz – not a 5G frequency.
  • 04:00 “3300 watts – that will cook you alive!” – This is a relay switch that can cope with power of up to 3300 watts; it is not outputting that amount of power and it won’t cook anything.

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