Fritz-Albert Popp

Fritz-Albert Popp 1938-2018 was a German physicist who researched the nature of structured photon emission in biological cells and the function of those photons within the cell.

His major discoveries listed here:

  • All living cells emit small amounts of photons in the visible light range
  • The frequencies are uniformly spread across that range
  • The strength of emission will decay hyperbolically after stimulation
  • The structured response implies some form of quantum coherence
  • The source of the photons is the helical structure of cellular DNA
  • The function of the photons is to stimulate and regulate chemical reactions
  • Certain substances can act as photon disruptors leading to cancerous growth
  • Cancer cells emit light in a measurably different way to healthy cells
  • Healthy growth can be restored by the application of ultraviolet light

In each cell there are 100000 molecular reactions every second and these need the excitement of maybe just a single photon to trigger them in an organised fashion.

“Heat is the ‘waste’ of electromagnetic fields, but photons (biophotons) are very distinct signals .. they work as transmitters of information”

  • 10:10 Carcinogens can be identified by their optical properties
  • 14:00 Discovery of weak photon emission within all living cells
  • 17:50 Photons are not originating from chemical reactions but triggering them
  • 19:45 The biophoton carries the information necessary to regulate the cell metabolism
  • 24:17 Moxibustion results in conductive channels (meridians) within the skin
  • 28:00 Transfer of information over distance between organisms – resonance
  • 32:20 With one photon you can regulate one billion reactions per second

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Fritz-Albert Popp’s research while affiliated with Max Planck Institute of Biophysics

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Summary: As DNA is unwound using a chemical agent, photons are emitted so DNA is a photon buffer.

Biophoton emission. New evidence for coherence and DNA as source
Popp, Nagl, Scholz, Wolf

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