The word influenza comes from the Spanish and before that, Latin for ‘Influence’, as it was thought that the disease was owing to the influence of the stars, sun and moon.

There was not much flu around before 1889 when suddenly a terrible pandemic hit Europe claiming many lives and killing cattle in the fields where they stood.

The world was never quite the same after that, with influenza becoming a regular seasonal killer.

1989 was the year that the first domestic electricity grid was rolled out, with cables initially laid out across the rooftops of houses and later with pylons in fields generating 50-Hz electric fields that life on Earth had never before experienced.

Since then, there has been a pandemic every time a new frequency has been introduced into the atmosphere.

Spanish flu actually began in US, at Naval Radio School, Cambridge MA with 400 initial cases. This epidemic rapidly ‘spread’ to 1127 soldiers at Funston Camp Kansas, where wireless connections had been installed.” – The Invisible Rainbow

Some scientists think that the radiation somehow ‘weakens the immune system’ and allows ‘viruses’ to spread more easily, but a viral cause for influenza has never been proven and nor has it been shown to be an infectious disease.

In a series of famous experiments Milton J. Rosenau tried infecting volunteers with Spanish Flu but failed.

  • They isolated microbial mixtures from the throat and noses of carefully selected influenza cases from an outbreak location. The researchers then administered these to 10 young U.S. navy volunteers without prior exposure to influenza. None fell sick.
  • They drew blood from influenza patients and transferred it to the navy volunteers. None fell sick.
  • They collected influenza patients’ mucous membranes with swabs and filtered them to exclude larger microbes like bacteria. They then injected the filtrate into the navy volunteers. None fell sick.
  • They brought the navy volunteers to meet influenza patients. They shook hands and conversed. The patients also exhaled (as hard as possible) onto the volunteers’ face for five times. Then the patients cough directly onto the volunteers. None fell sick.

Scientist Einar Flydal and others believe that influenza may be largely a disease of electromagnetic disturbance


There may well be pandemics each time a new technology arrives but in between times, influenza outbreaks are correlated with both season and latitude.

There are actually many papers on this topic which link the onset of disease to seasonal changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sam Bailey here talks about the lack of proof that flu is infectious and the somewhat fraudulent way that the medical literature contrives to claim precisely the opposite.

The Cytopathic Mirror Effect

V.P. Kaznacheev performed experiments in which a diseased culture apparently caused a cytopathic effect in another healthy culture in a separate sealed container connected via a quartz window.

When the containers were connected by a glass window then no disease was transmitted, the important difference being that ultra-violet light will pass through quartz but not glass.


Kaznacheev documented the strength of the effect over several years and several thousand experiments and found that it varied on a seasonal basis with the effect being at its weakest in the winter months i.e. the flu season.

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