Fake biology: a summary

It has become apparent that the scientific institutions have, over the past decades, become corrupted by greed and fear. Consequently, the actual ‘science’ produced has strayed a long way from reality and is now merely a reflection of globalist political ambitions.

The tail is now wagging the dog.

We shall see in the following sections that the following statements are well supported by existing literature.

  • It is almost certain that there are no such things as infectious viruses
  • It is highly unlikely that there is such a thing as “genetic information”
  • The role of electricity in biology has been shamefully neglected
  • Water, in biological systems, has very complex behaviour indeed
  • Electron microscope images are largely unrelated to reality
  • Experiments on ‘living’ tissue in petri dishes are mostly useless
  • Most health problems are caused by toxicity and deficiency
  • The whole concept of ‘disease’ as normally thought of, is flawed
  • The heart is not a pressure pump


It is claimed that ‘genes’ hold digital information in DNA and RNA within human cells and that this information controls pretty much everything about our lives from height to intelligence and even the diseases we ‘catch’.

Proof that this is true is lacking and experiments are ambiguous and confusing, and as a consequence:

  • Evolution by DNA mutation is a false narrative
  • Messenger RNA is a fiction
  • Characterisation of viruses as dangerous RNA cannot be true
  • Gene altering therapies (mRNA vaccines) are nonsense
  • Genetic diseases (or, for that matter, cures) do not exist
  • Genetic modification is meaningless
  • GMOs are not what they are purported to be


The modern idea of a virus is based upon that of malevolent genetic information and on those grounds alone we should be suspicious.

Add to the mix the following:

  • No proof of isolation of any virus according to any sensible definition of the word ‘isolation’
  • Epidemiology inconsistent with an infectious disease
  • Lack of a control experiment showing contagion for any disease
  • Lack of a credible mechanism for viral invasion of a cell nucleus
  • Lack of a credible explanation for seasonality
  • Attempts to spread Spanish flu by droplet transmission all failed
  • Credible alternative causes to almost all common diseases
  • Much profit to be made in vaccines


If there are no such things as viruses then:

  • Vaccines will never work – they are just toxins
  • There is no messenger RNA or gene therapy vaccine
  • There is no bioweapon from Wuhan
  • There are no variants
  • There is no such thing as the immune system or immunity
  • The idea of antibodies is nonsense
  • Antibody dependent enhancement does not exist
  • Gain of function research is either self-deception or propaganda
  • Covid is ‘something else’ – nobody knows what


The role of electric and magnetic fields and the use of electric currents in the body for healing, communication and synchronization is not fully appreciated and the dangers of disruption by man-made radiation much under estimated.

  • DNA is an electrically conductive helix which acts as an antenna for radio and microwaves and is easily damaged
  • Apatite crystals in bones are piezo-electric semi-conductors which help repair bones and distribute bone density appropriately
  • The Earth has a static electric field of 200 volts per metre sending a small current from head to toe which is used in healing processes
  • Small seasonal changes in the earths magnetic field have been linked to pandemics
  • Blood cells require a constant negative charge to avoid clotting
  • Electricity is essential for nerve and brain function
  • The concept of ‘bio-information’ needs more research


Textbook accounts of biological cells are based heavily on photographs taken through electron microscopes, however these rarely if ever correspond to actual reality but are instead artefacts caused by the microscopy process.

  • Torn from their usual support structure
  • Dehydrated
  • Frozen
  • Sliced
  • Soaked in metallic dyes
  • Boiled by an electron beam to 800 degrees C
  • And finally photographed

The resulting fiction is then represented as a cartoon in a text book.


Once water enters a biological system its molecular structure is altered and it transforms from liquid H2O into a variety of forms, each having specific physical properties essential for a specialised biological function

  • Cells are not filled with liquid water but a dense, dipole structured gel
  • Interfacial or ‘EZ’ water is a negatively charged hexagonal structure
  • Bulk water carries positively charged hydronium ions
  • Water adjacent to collagen fibres carries vital electric currents
  • Water acts as a radio receiver and can ‘remember’ sets of frequencies


The science of biology at least, has strayed very far from actual reality and the imaginary fantasy that has resulted has become ingrained in our brains and even with massive effort to re-educate it will take generations to expunge this nonsense from our minds and learn the actual truth.

This leaves a question though: “What is true?”

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