Healing frequencies

This page is a summary of a paper by Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink which reviewed hundreds of studies of the effects of electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies on health.

Some of the effects were beneficial and others detrimental. The beneficial frequencies were found to form a specific pattern of ‘fifths’ akin to a musical scale.

The body is a physical structure that creates, by its nature, a whole series of vibratory electromagnetic frequencies ranging from 0.1 Hz up to the peta-hertz range. These currents create a unified electromagnetic field that in turn affects the physical components of the body and is responsible for almost all regulatory processes in the body ranging from cell division to heart rhythm and from enzyme reactions to brain function.

It is well established by now that external electromagnetic fields (EMF) can disrupt this process and cause disease but also that some frequencies can have a restorative, healing function.

The authors looked at hundreds of papers measuring the effects of different frequencies and plotted them on a chart (above) which shows alternating bands of beneficial and harmful frequencies. Analysing the chart closer, they found that the beneficial frequencies all lay on a twelve note scale of perfect fifths, so in musical terms we have C,G,D,A,E,B,F#.. etc. and that the frequencies in between were disruptive and unhealthy. We can now predict with some accuracy which frequencies will be harmful.

From the chart above we see that there are twelve basic frequencies for health, namely 256.00, 269.70, 288.00, 303.41, 324.00, 341.33, 362.04, 384.00, 404.54, 432.00, 455.12, 486.00 Hz.
Additional frequencies can be obtained by moving up or down in steps of one or more fifths from any of these ‘fundamentals’

Frequencies emitted from diseased tissue can be directly measured and so we can now diagnose many disorders from their electromagnetic signature. We can cause the same disorders by appropriate exposure and heal them with other frequencies. This applies to a multitude of conditions from cancer at the cellular level to depression at the system regulatory level; even disorders arising from physical injury to the brain have been treated.
That is to say we can now define ‘disease’ as a regulatory dysfunction and diagnose it via an electromagnetic signature and possibly cure it via exposure to the appropriate frequency.

As electromagnetic vibrations are converted in the body, at least in part, into acoustic vibrations, treatment can often consist of sound waves as well as EMF.

Vibratory treatment has provided ‘miracle’ cures for a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Healing of wounds
  • Mood disorders such as anxiety and ADHD
  • Skin conditions
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Calcium regulation

The authors found that certain mineral clays, when subjected to a variety of EMF will re-emit the frequencies at values close to the fundamental scale of healing frequencies and so could conceivably be used for protection against cell-phone technologies.

From the paper: “Probably a new bio-physical principle has been found, revealing how nature installs coherence in living organisms, cells, and biomolecules, by uniting the first, second and third harmonics of waves.”


A vibratory model of the body gives a unified way of describing and treating disease processes from mood disorders to cancer and should be carefully considered as part of any new paradigm for medicine.

We should take a very careful look at the output of cell-phone devices and towers and adjust the frequencies accordingly.

432 Hz is indeed a healing frequency.


Electromagnetic Frequency Patterns that are Crucial for Health and Disease reveal a Generalized Biophysical Principle: the GM scale – Dirk K F Meijer, Hans Geesink

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