If you own a SMART phone, you must watch this presentation for the sake of yourself, your family & your children.

Very well made movie covering all the aspects

5G is sold as a communications technology but it can also be used as a weapons system.
Scary movie from Sacha Stone and Mark Steele.

Erica Mallery-Blythe concentrates on the specific problems that children will face with 5G rollout

Joe Imbriano predicted years ago that 5G would cause sickness in schools and that a new ‘virus’ would be invented to explain the symptom


Dr. Martin Pall explains the biological mechanism by which 5G causes disease

This paper from our own parliament website proves that our government knows all about the dangers but chooses to ignore them.

May 2011 – World Health Organization (WHO) reclassifies microwave radiation from wireless communication devices and mobile phones as classification Class 2B “possible carcinogen.” This is the same class as lead, DDT and car exhaust.