Cosmic Rays and Covid

Cosmic rays are high energy particles originating outside our solar system that collide with particles the Earth’s atmosphere to create ‘air showers’ of secondary particles, some of which reach the surface of our planet.

The air showers have a footprint of many kilometres in diameter

A variety of energetic particles is produced along with some ionising radiation and radio waves

Both radio waves and ionising radiation can cause radiation pneumonia with lung damage and flu-like symptoms although doses from cosmic rays are said to be very small.

Is the 2019 novel coronavirus related to a spike of cosmic rays?

“In a letter to Current Science published in November 2019, we also explicitly reminded the world that new infective viruses are likely to emerge in the coming months during the lowest minimum of the sunspot cycle in over a 100 years, and that public health authorities must be vigilant and take necessary action. The emergence of the COVID-19, in our view, confirms this prediction and highlights the urgency of taking appropriate precautions without further prevarication.”

There was a sudden spike in cosmic rays in 2019.

Solar energy at birth and human lifespan

The number of sunspots at the time of your birth makes an average of more than eight years difference to your lifespan!