Quantum Coherent Domains

Quantum Coherent Domains of water are volumes of water consisting of about six million molecules that act as energy accumulators and molecular resonators.
They are said to draw upon quantum fluctuations as an energy source and have been proposed as a mechanism for creating biological order from chaos as well as explaining the everyday phenomenon of condensation.

The material on this page comes from the paper “Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms” by Del Giudice et al. (see reference section)

A Quantum Field Theoretical Description of Liquid Water

Part of the motivation of the paper was to explain the everyday phenomenon of condensation whereby water vapour will, at a critical temperature, coalesce to form droplets of liquid water. How do the molecules find each other and what forces move them closer together?

The water molecules must be attracted to each other via resonant electromagnetic fields as the other forces between molecules are too short range. So as the molecules draw closer together, clusters of molecules form whose energy fields merge to form a single resonant entity with a single coherent vibrating field which attracts more molecules.

The coherent domain is a stable ‘low energy’ state whose total energy is less than the sum of its components so as the whole thing condenses into a ‘liquid’ energy is released into the environment which is the ‘latent heat’ of classical physics.

Quantum fluctuations.

Molecules are continually energised by photons generated by random fluctuations of the quantum field. The photons will produce a temporary excitation of the molecule before being re-emitted whence they will either return to the quantum vacuum or be re-absorbed by another molecule.

As the density of molecules increases, he chances of the photon being absorbed by another molecule increase up to a point where it cannot escape the domain and it remains there as part of the energy field. So the domain now increases its energy content until it reaches a state whereby it is now able to emit photons in the ultraviolet range ie. at an energy suitable for doing ‘work’ in a biological system.

Chemical reactions are normally thought to happen when two suitable molecules ‘bump into each other’ via Brownian motion and somehow join together, but the idea of a coherent domain suggests something more organised.
A domain will resonate at a particular frequency and attract molecules of the same frequency. Such a molecule may enter the domain when the energy of the domain becomes available to the molecule.

The molecule absorbs the energy and is now ready for some sort of interaction with another molecule whereupon any left over energy is released and we are left with a more complex molecule and a domain with a new energy level. The new resonant frequency of the domain starts to attract a new set of molecules and the process begins all over again.
The domain has become an organised bio-molecular production factory.

Protein production: The Coherent Domains will only resonate at particular frequencies and energy levels and so any bio-molecular production is constrained by this feature.
It is fortuitous then, to say the least, that the amino acids that go to make up a particular protein all share the same resonant frequency.

Dutch physicists Geesink and Meijer showed that the same spectrum of frequencies are present in mineral clays, water molecules and domains, complex bio-molecules and living systems as a whole.

Magnetic sensitivity: Quantum domains will form torpedo shaped magnetic dipoles. They are are highly sensitive to even weak magnetic fields and will align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field.
Precipitation times of colloids are affected by sunspots, climatic events, distant earthquakes, eclipses and lunar cycles.

Health concerns Influenza is highly seasonal and it has been suggested that this has something to do with the Earth’s magnetic field and it is known that influenza type symptoms can be caused by exposure to cell-phone radiation. We now have a mechanism that can be investigated as a link between electromagnetic exposure and disease processes.

Coherent domains can:

  • Upgrade photons by absorbing two photons at 100 THz say and emitting one photon at 200 THz
  • Multiplex signals by outputting alternate photons of 100 THz and 200 THz
  • Host signals of wavelengths many times larger than their own dimensions
  • Absorb energy from quantum fluctuations
  • Transduce the random vibrations of Brownian motion into biological ‘information’ thereby creating order from chaos
  • Assemble macromolecules and promote enzyme reactions in a time organised fashion
  • Communicate with other coherent domains
  • Respond to geomagnetic events and other environmental or planetary signals
  • Transform inanimate matter into Life


Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms
Authors: Emilio Del Giudice, Paola Rosa Spinetti, AlbertoTedeschi