Stefan Lanka

Stefan Lanka is a German biologist who made a 100000 Euro bet that nobody could prove that measles was caused by a virus.

The case went to court with Lanka initially losing the case but winning on appeal, with the Supreme Court criticising the German health authorities for withholding information and actually falsifying evidence.

“There are no such things as pathogenic viruses” – Stefan Lanka

Here Stefan explains that the idea of a dangerous virus was conceived out of fraud and was used as a political tool from the very beginning

“HIV does not exist”
Stefan Lanka explains the HIV / AIDS myth.

Dr Stefan Lanka interview – why HIV has never been isolated

A conversation between Stefan Lanka and Thomas Cowan, another leading figure in the struggle for truth

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Stefan Lanka’s “Projekt Immanuel” will explain the whole fraud in forensic detail

This first video exposes the specific Sars-Cov2 fraud

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Stefan debunks ‘photographs’ of viruses

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The misconception called “virus” part I

In this paper, Stefan explains in detail how perfectly normal cellular processes were mistaken for disease.

First using measles as an example.

The virus misconception part II

The history of the coronavirus fraud

The virus misconception part III