Bio-soliton model

This page summarises the paper by Hans Geesink and Dirk MeijerBio-soliton model that predicts non-thermal electromagnetic frequency bands, that either stabilize or destabilize living cells” which describes biological systems as being regulated and synchronized by a series of interconnected solitary waves or ‘solitons’ (see right) of varying wavelengths.

These waves will regulate processes from the large scale (eg. brain), down to the cellular and sub-cellular level.

The page Healing frequencies showed that certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation are beneficial to health and some are detrimental. The beneficial frequencies were found to lie in 12 bands, each comprising a scale of musical fifths.

It follows that if certain frequencies are stimulating repair and healing in the body, there must be some kind of organ or instrument that acts as an antenna or resonator to detect these energies. So what are these instruments? Where are they and what sort of tissue are they made from?

The paper proposes that the body is regulated by a series of self-reinforcing electromagnetic waveforms (solitons) which resonate to precisely the frequencies we are concerned with and, moreover, that stimulation of this system enhances order and coherence in the organism from sub-cellular and cellular scales up to the macro scale of physical organs such as the heart and the brain. The detrimental frequencies cause disorder in this system and can partially destabilise it, leading to a variety of disease processes.

At the molecular level we have nuclear magnetic resonance and ion or cyclotron resonance and at the other end of the scale, the heart has a rhythm of around one Hertz and a current with a frequency of 40Hz has been found in the brain with no obvious source.

DNA has a resonant frequency of 40GHz and sweat glands (right) form an array of helical antennas, making the perspiration system an integral part of the whole vibrational complex.

Coherent domains.
Structured water and crystalline tissue give rise to various ‘quantum coherent’ domains which are large clusters of regularly spaced molecules having electrical properties outside of the realm of classical physics and being essential for biological function. These ‘condensates’ will support the generation and maintenance of soliton waves having wavelengths far in excess of their own dimensions.

The ‘cell’ is a three dimensional Chladni plate in a continual state of cymatic vibration. The interference patterns resulting from this are in fact the ‘code for life’ and will physically assemble complex molecules in an orderly fashion. Electromagnetic signals travel along proteins, microtubules and DNA to modulate local electric field patterns by means of constructive or destructive interference.

The patterns on a Chladni plate are produced at frequency intervals exactly matching those of biological systems and intermediate frequencies just produce chaos. Man made frequencies outside of the natural harmonic scale will introduce similar disorder into all living tissue.


Geesink JH, Meijer DKF. Bio-soliton model that predicts non-thermal electromagnetic frequency bands, that either stabilize or destabilize living cells. Electromagn Biol Med. 2017;36(4):357-378. doi: 10.1080/15368378.2017.1389752. PMID: 29164985.,contrast%2C%20detrimental%20for%20living%20cells

Chladni plate (YouTube)

Kochnev, Anna & Betzalel, Noa & Ishai, Paul & Feldman, Yuri. (2018). Human sweat ducts as helical antennas in the sub-THz frequency range-an overview. IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. 11. 43-56. 10.11906/TST.043-056.2018.06.05.

OCT imaging of human sweat ducts in the upper epidermis of the fingertip in vivo (Image by P. Camilla, 2009,

Picture credit: Kamal Hammani, Bertrand Kibler, Christophe.Finot and Julien Fatome – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,