Bio-field emergence

One of the conundrums of biology is the question of how the organism as a whole maintains global organisation when there does not appear to be any global plan or ‘map’. Some scientists are convinced that local information eg. DNA is sufficient to maintain global order whilst others see a need for a global communication field.

This page aims to show that the two schemes are not so different and that a global communication field can easily be created and maintained as an emergent property by local energy sources within the cellular structure. This field is of an electromagnetic nature and it will take upon an independent field nature when the field communication speed is far in excess of the cell response time and when the physical laws of the field differ substantially from the operation of the cells themselves.

The following diagrams illustrate the same phenomenon in three different ways.

We have here a visualisation of cell to cell communication via some unspecified means. Cells share information with neighbours, the information is decoded and action is taken which is assumed to be either mechanical or chemical. Response times are restricted by the cell physiology, and communication of the new state is thus of a similar timescale.

The communication system here is conceptualised as a separate ‘layer’, independent of the physical conformation of the cell. This arrangement lends itself very well to the idea that cells communicate via some sort of electromagnetic energy. Light wavelength photons have been suggested as have Tesla waves (scalar waves), both of which can transmit signals up to the speed of light.

We can start to think of the communication between the cells as occurring independently of the inner maintenance of the cell itself,

A different way of looking at exactly the same process. Here the communication layer is presented as a complete unified system of itself that operates according to its own laws, and forms a distributed information field that is available for both read and write operations to and from the individual cells.

An arrangement such as this is possible when the communication medium (electricity) is independent of cellular processes and when the communication speed is in excess of cellular processing speed. So now whenever any significant event happens in any cell, the field is made aware and all cells on the network will be updated simultaneously

The combined electric impulses from the cells now form a conceptually separate ‘organ’ of communication that is independent of both the chemistry and physical make-up of the cells. We now have a genuine morphogenic (or other) field that is created by and maintained by the individual cells but is independent of them.

It can take input from a group of many cells, can perform computations according to the laws of electromagnetism and can output that information back into the cells for appropriate action to be taken.

To field physicists, this sort of arrangement seems obvious and is second nature to their way of thinking but those in the field of biology seem to have trouble getting to grips with these ideas; they don’t understand the concept of a field, never mention electromagnetism and regard the idea of a morphogenic field as unhinged vitalism.

Again, papers by physicists who study living systems will talk about morphogenic fields in an uninhibited fashion but they are seldom referring to the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake and are more likely using the term as a shorthand for the system described here.

How is this implemented in practice?

Intra-cellular water matrix. Information is transmitted via electro-acoustic waves in intra-cellular water. Water in cells forms a continually vibrating lattice of electrically charged water molecules and this medium is perfect for the propagation of energetic oscillations.

Vibrating charges necessarily create an electromagnetic field and electro-magnetic fields likewise will cause a charged particle to vibrate physically. Electrical and acoustic vibrations are therefore inseparable and waves travel at some speed which may depend upon the state of this electro-acoustic ‘gel’.

Molecules oscillate within this environment and the resonant properties of the molecule will in turn affect the cymatics of the water vibration. In this scheme then, the nature of the field is very much coupled to the physical configurations and properties of the molecules contained within it.

Scalar Waves (Tesla Waves) are another possibility. Hexagonal ring structures in complex bio-molecules host toroidal fields which can carry a great deal of information. These fields can modulate the supervening field for very rapid (up to light speed) transmission to other parts of the cell or organism.

Scalar waves are ‘directional’ and are largely self-sustaining by means of energy absorption from neutrinos (Konstantin Meyl). Compare with photon fields (Lorenz Waves) which are radiative (field strength drops off with distance) and ‘lossy’ (energy is dissipated as heat).

With scalar waves however, the electric fields are completely de-coupled from the physical properties of the molecules themselves and form an effective communication layer that is independent of the physical body yet guides physical activity at all scales; a de facto ‘morphogenic field’.

The physical properties of matter are no longer a limitation upon the type of information that can be transmitted, communication is effectively instantaneous and every part of the body is aware in some way of the current state of every other part of the body.

In the Face of a Frog video [here] an electric field is seen to develop over the yet un-differentiated cell cluster that seems to indicate the future positions of the spine, brain and even eyes. The scientists think that this influences the eventual shape of the frog by somehow directing molecular organisation (gene expression).

There are lots of questions here: How exactly is this field measured and what does it mean? If light is being discharged from the cells it surely means that it is not being used within the cells, so is the field actually directing the morphology of the frog or is it just electro-magnetic waste? Is it a result of development rather than the cause?

The Big Questions:

  • Why is this field frog-shaped?
  • How are the forces of electro-magnetism organised into a specific shape?
  • Where is the information stored that determines a frog-like development as opposed to that of a salamander?

Hans Driesch 1867-1941 experimented on sea urchin embryos by cutting them into several pieces during development. He found that each piece developed into a full adult, indicating that each piece contained all the information necessary for a complete organism and that ‘half’ an embryo is essentially the same as a complete embryo from a developmental point of view.

A credible sounding explanation for all of this is that all of the information required to form a complete organism is hosted within electro-magnetic scalar waves. This information is present in each and every cell in the body and in a developing embryo will form an emergent field that spans the whole organism to direct events at the molecular, cellular and global scale.

Information unfolds to organise overall body shape, cellular regulation and molecular interactions within the cell. The field is fractal in nature so that all information is present in every fragment of the field no matter how small and all parts of the field are connected in a meaningful way over the whole organism.

It is this field that is transmitted via the gametes to the next generation, with male and female fields merging in an additive fashion to produce offspring with features similar to both parents at the same time.

The field can easily pass through cell walls unmodified and can be transmitted to the female uterosome without the need for fertilisation in the usual fashion, where it can affect later offspring as is shown by the phenomenon of telegony. There is no such thing as a portion or part of a field as every part of the field is informationally equivalent to the entire field.

The field has attractor-like qualities which ensure that offspring fall into a category of ‘male’ or ‘female’ and rarely a blend of both.

Genes without prominence: a reappraisal of the foundations of biology: “Thus, population genetics is founded on a subset of coding sequences that can be related to phenotype in a statistical sense, but not based on causation or a viable causal mechanism: genetics, as it is understood today, does not have any biological significance.” – Baverstock, Annila

“Within this framework for biology the gene, as it is generally regarded, is a merely mechanistic, not a profound, concept. While gene coding sequences are inherited, they are not the ‘units of inheritance’ discovered by Mendel: those are the processes that contribute to the attractor which represents, at the cellular level, the phenotype.” – ibid


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