What really makes you ill

What really makes you ill” is a truly remarkable book by Dawn Lester and David Parker and surely essential for an understanding of the situation we find ourselves in.

A large part of the book consists of a near exhaustive list of diseases that are commonly thought to have a viral cause and provides credible and indeed documented, alternatives for their origins – usually some sort of poisoning.

Also included is a section listing global health policies and pointing out that they are misguided at best.

  • Early Polio cases were attributed by the medical profession to exposure by chemists and miners to dangerous substances such as mercury and lead. Seems reasonable.
    Later cases were seasonal and have been attributed to DDT poisoning of children from crop spraying
  • Anthrax is described by the World Organisation for Animal Health thus: “Anthrax typically does not spread from animal to animal nor from person to person.”
  • Syphilis seems to have been caused by the mercury in the ointment used to treat a simple skin rash. Attempts to spread this disease in prisons have failed; there is no infectious disease here.
  • When sanitation improved Smallpox vanished
  • AIDS, like a lot of diseases had no really new symptoms and was not a serious threat until it was treated with highly toxic drugs

Chapter headings from the book.

  • A Prescription for Illness: Dying to be Healthy
  • Vaccinations: Ineffective and Dangerous.
  • the Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy
  • ‘Infectious diseases’: Dispelling the Myths
  • Animals and Diseases: More Medical Myths
  • Poisoning the Planet: Science Gone Awry
  • Non-infectious Diseases: More Medical Misconceptions
  • Global Issues: The Wider Perspective
  • Vested Interests and the Agenda for Control
  • Conclusion: How to be Naturally Healthy


Health policies are based around the assumption that almost all diseases are caused by viruses or some sort of genetic defect but this book shows that there is scant evidence for this or that they are even infectious.

With health services becoming increasingly globalised and government policies becoming not only more authoritarian but also increasingly centred around health concerns, there is a massive crisis of health, trust and social stability looming.

The 740 pages of this book should grace any civilised person’s coffee table and it proves surprisingly easy to read.

Further information from the website here https://whatreallymakesyouill.com/

For an extensive explanation of the AIDS/HIV debacle https://houseofnumbers.com/