2022: A summary

Some questions from 2022 have been answered fully and there are considerable gaps in others.
This page is a summary of some of these and a ‘to do’ list for 2023.

Influenza is largely a phenomenon of biorhythms and can be described almost entirely in terms of seasonal resonance. Almost all influenza deaths are in the two weeks either side of winter solstice and no intervention has ever altered this. There is no known ’cause’ as such but the pattern of sickness and death seems predictable and inevitable. 5G and vaccine toxicity increase mortality.

Indications of chaotic behaviour in biological systems mean that some things will simply not be predictable in individual instances but will form patterns on a population-wide scale. Resonant effects alone can de-couple immediate cause and effect making analysis incomprehensible to normal humans.

Vitamin D supplementation is somewhere between useless and fatal.
Morley Robbins

Homeopathy has several plausible explanations but the simplest is that the dissolved particles are still present in the final preparation Jayesh Bellare

Cancer is a failure of cellular growth regulation caused by a detachment from the rest of the morphogenetic field owing to the fact that the tissue is operating under a different frequency set to that of the rest of the organism. This was predicted by Fröhlich in 1940 or so and proved by Geesink and Meijer as recently as 2020 by measuring the frequency signature of tumours
Fröhlich condensates

The cell begins to use a parallel metabolic system based upon anaerobic consumption of glucose (Otto Warburg) and growth is unrestrained Morley Robbins

Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention
“Carcinogenesis fits in a frequency pattern of electromagnetic field (EMF) waves, in which a gradual loss of cellular organization occurs. Such generation of cancer features can be inhibited by adequate exposure to coherent electromagnetic frequencies. However, cancer can also be initiated and promoted at other distinct frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Both observations were revealed by analyzing 100 different EMF frequency data reported in a meta-analyses of 123 different, earlier published, biomedical studies.”

The GM Scale discovered by Geesink and Meijer is the most interesting scientific discovery of recent years and has implications for:
The origins of life The Origins of Life
Healing and health Healing frequencies
Dangers of EMF EMF and the GM scale
Consciousness https://research.rug.nl/en/publications/consciousness-in-the-universe-is-scale-invariant-and-implies-an-e

Chi or Qi is probably a toroidal flow of (amongst other things) electro-acoustic and colloid vibration currents around the body. This is surprising and since the currents are hard to measure, use no obvious physical ‘wires’ and have no discernible source or even destination, it isn’t surprising that they have remained elusive. Several scientists though have noted self-organising currents in the skin, muscles, bones and brain and been puzzled as to their cause and origins.

Electricity, however, always flows in a circuit (circles) and if the body is full of circular paths, they must have a global organisation (not cross over each other for example) and a power source.
Organisation cannot be isomorphic to a sphere because of the hairy ball theorem so a multi-hole torus is indicated, with vortices at the chakras.

ESP. I still haven’t seen decent evidence of this. The most scientific approach is via the Ganzfeld Protocol but the Shnoll Effect casts doubt upon the existence of truly random number generators. The Shnoll Effect

Telekinesis. Several apparently intelligent and respected scientists believe in the authenticity of people like Ted Serios but all demonstrations I have seen or read about by him or others have the hallmarks of conjuring tricks eg. showy attention seeking, obvious gimmicks and macguffins, overbearing personality and absolute need to control the conditions of the experiment.

Free energy videos are all conjuring tricks. They all bear the hallmarks and this is the simplest explanation for what we see. The only hope for free energy seems to be to tap into the tiny quantum fluctuations of the vacuum field maybe via the Casimir effect. The the only apparatus to do this with any efficiency so far is something called an ‘organic life form’ and even there it is used more for information and organisation rather than for ‘fuel’.

Intentionality experiments provide no scientific definition of ‘intentionality’ and no purported mechanism by which they can work and so do not fall under the classification of ‘science’

Tuning fork therapy is popular but there is no clinical evidence for its effectiveness – Eileen Day McKusick:Tuning the human biofield

Consciousness is more interesting and it turns out that quite a lot can be said about it from the point of view of conventional physics and there is actually considerable agreement from the ‘esoteric’ crowd.
Cortical activity does not actually correlate with cognition so probably consciousness is ‘somewhere else’.
Possibly the zero point energy field is the ‘substrate of consciousness’ or maybe a fourth spatial dimension.

The nature of consciousness is probably ‘holographic’ and ‘frequency like’ rather than ‘space-like’ and ‘time like’ so it is analogous to a Fourier transform of external reality.
Wherever and whatever it is, both information transfer and causality are bi-directional.
If any form of ESP exists then this is the mechanism by which it may work but it won’t be what people think it is and at the moment it isn’t at all clear what sort of experiments to do.
If anyone solves the problem it will be the quantum physicists.

Bohm/Pibram: The geometry of consciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tOTX7oI5Vs

Morphogenesis. Michael Levin thinks that cellular networks self-organise and control morphology via voltage gradients.
The central problem is that there does not appear to be enough ‘information’ lying around to describe an entire organism. Many physicists say that some sort of ‘template’ must exist, again, maybe somewhere in the zero-point field, the substrate of consciousness. Morphogenesis

Acupuncture is undoubtedly good at anaesthesia but there seems to be no clinical evidence that it is effective at anything else and even in the case of anaesthesia, the mechanism is unknown and so experiments can only prove correlation and not causation.
Probably it is part of a larger system of medicine dating from a lost civilisation and will only make sense if and when the larger context is re-discovered.
Acupuncture Research: Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base – MacPherson, Hammerschlag et al.

5G is obviously dangerous but it is possible to challenge local installations on legal grounds. You need some guidance though else you will end up losing and paying exorbitant court fees. Members of the Michael Mansfield legal team may be willing to help in the UK.
EMF and Biology

Climate Emergency declarations (UK) can and should be challenged on the grounds that no public consultation has taken place locally, so the whole rollout is illegal. Even the mere threat of prosecution of the officers involved (not the local councils but the actual individuals) has been shown to have an immediate shock effect.

Flat Earth. All flat Earth videos are full of obvious nonsense that intelligent people could easily debunk if they actually wanted to. They are however, well produced, with nice CGI graphics and professional voice-overs. The scripts are near identical so I think a lot of money is being spent here in an organised fashion and the whole thing is a deliberate (and successful) attempt at misinformation.
The globe Earth crowd are complacent about their convictions and don’t seem to see the need for proper proof. Flat Earth – Round Earth

Cosmology. The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts Project are probably correct and the universe is best thought of as a continual transfer of energy from galactic to sub-atomic scale and back, with organic life forms partaking of this to maintain both physical and cognitive integrity and consciousness arising as a side effect.
Moon craters

Birkeland currents are an efficient method of energy transfer at all scales of the universe from intergalactic clouds to flow of blood within the arteries.
The Richat structure
The Heart is not a Pump

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