ESP and the Shnoll effect

Many many tightly controlled experiments seem to demonstrate some sort of ability to transfer thoughts, predict the future or to manipulate decisions made weeks or even years in the past.

This post suggests that some of these at least may be explained by non-random patterns in the data arising from some sort of cosmic synchrony: The Shnoll Effect.

The experiments demonstrating ESP share many similarities in common:

  • Weak correlation needing many experiments to demonstrate an effect
  • The ‘same’ level of correlation in all experiments
  • No real ‘meaningful’ transfer of complex information – mostly guessing coin tosses
  • Metal and acoustic shielding makes no difference
  • Subjects can be spatially or even temporally separated and still get an effect
  • A random number generator is often involved somehow
  • Some people are consistently better than others
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work at all

I am going to suggest that the transfer of information is an illusion similar to the illusion of viral transfer

The Shnoll Effect studied by Russian physicist Simon Shnoll (pictured right), suggests that even events at the atomic level such as radioactive decay are ‘tuned’ to planetary cycles and since the random number generators are based on exactly such effects we can guess that they are not in fact random but have subtle but specific biases.

Simon Shnoll

We know that when human subjects try to guess random numbers they will also exhibit certain biases. They will avoid any perceived patterns such as repeated characters for example ’99’ or ‘999’ even though these should occur occasionally in random streams.

So we should expect that these two non-random streams would have some small correlation which is possibly what we are seeing. People who habitually use certain guessing patterns will consistently out-perform others.

This theory fits all the observations made above. Some people will be disappointed by it but the Shnoll Effect suggests that something even more interesting is taking place, which is that all the parts of the Universe are constantly re-tuning themselves from planetary orbits down to atomic decay patterns.

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