The Pope

On Feb 11th 2013 Pope Benedict XVI made a carefully worded speech in St. Peter’s square.

The speech was interpreted by many as notice of his abdication although it was nothing of the sort.

The world press, in what appears to be a carefully planned and coordinated operation quickly reported the ‘abdication’ in identical words and phrases across the planet and eagerly anticipated the installation of Francis the Communist.

 Br. Alexis Bugnolo explains in detail. More from Bugnolo here

The Pachamama event

“In October 2019 on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, Francis participated in an event that involved the desecration of the Vatican gardens, the desecration of St Peter’s basilica and the enthronement of a demon in the form of an ancient idol.. (pagan goddess Pachamama)”

Archbishop Viganò: “The globalist New World Order has the marks of the ‘antichurch of Satan”

“The apostasy of the Catholic hierarchy has reached the point of worshiping the idol of the pachamama, the ‘mother Earth,’ demonic personification of ecumenical, inclusive, and sustainable ‘Amazonian’ globalism.”