Manchester Arena

The Manchester Arena incident occurred at 22:31 on 22 May 2017, killing 22 victims plus the perpetrator, 22 year old Salman Abedi.
A total of 22 people were arrested in connection with the incident but released without charge.
The bomber’s own brother was found guilty of 22 counts of murder.
119 people were initially reported injured but this was revised by the police to 250 on 22 June.
The arena had been opened in 1995 – 22 years before the attack.

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Richard D Hall gives a good account of the attack, highlighting some of the many anomalies, incongruities and coincidences.

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The number 22 appears to be a favourite of terrorists, for example

  • 22-05-2017 Manchester arena bombing
  • 22-03-2017 Westminster bridge attack
  • 22-03-2016 Brussels airport bombing
  • 22-07-2016 Munich mass shooting
  • 22-12-2014 Glasgow bin lorry attack
  • 22-05-2013 Lee Rigby killed
  • 22-07-2011 Norway mass shooting

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Richard Hall acknowledges contributions from the YouTube channel of ‘UK Critical Thinker’ whose own documentary can be found here:

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