Lawful dissent

Successive governments of recent years have signed away sovereignty to a foreign power, namely the European Union. This is treason under the law, is punishable by death and delegitimises all the legislation they have passed.

One solution is to sign an oath of allegiance to a committee of 25 Barons in accordance with Article 61 of the Magna Carta

“We are permitted to commit a lesser crime to prevent ourselves from committing a larger one .. We can breach almost any law as Treason is the most serious law that can be committed”

A key figure is David Robinson who has been practising Lawful Dissent for some years with unqualified success.

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This video from the UK Column website explains the Strawman construct and shows scenes of mayhem in court as activists attempt to arrest a judge for treason – guest appearance by Brian Gerrish

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David Robinson – Practical Lawful Dissent; denouncing the deception

An extended interview with David Robinson about his life and work.