JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

A film in three parts

  • The orchestrated rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party
  • The assassination of JFK including a credible theory for the actual shooter
  • The 9-11 atrocity

Rush to Judgement 1966

Referenced in the film above, this film is a compilation of eyewitness accounts to the actual event, none of which correspond to the mainstream narrative.

  • Accounts of multiple gunshots from anywhere but the book depository
  • A photograph taken at the instant of the assassination shows an empty window where Oswald should have been
  • A possible photograph of Oswald at the base of the building instead of at the window
  • Lots of ‘usual suspects’ but never interviewed and all killed soon after the event
  • The body did not even look like JFK