The Global Electrical Requirements of the Human Body.

We live and move within the Earth’s electric field which is actually rather strong and varies at about 100 volts per metre.

So the potential at 6 feet off the ground is 200 volts above that of ground level.

A standing barefoot human is an electrical conductor within this field and will distort the field somewhat.

The body will absorb electrons from the ground which will move upwards towards the head creating a negative current from feet to head or equivalently, a positive current from head to feet.

The electric currents will flow along the acupuncture meridians and a charge balance will be achieved.

The body works best with a net negative charge – positively charged bodies are in a bad way with blood clotting and disease.

So the body requires a balance of overall charge but it also requires a current flowing through it, this is vital for tissue maintenance and healing.

When Robert O Becker made the current flow the wrong way, wounds would not heal and infection set in.

I have read various accounts of this and they will tend to focus on either overall charge balance or current flow but rarely both.

Grounding or Earthing is the cheapest and safest way to solve this.

In the following study, Grounding (also known as Earthing) was effective in treatment of Covid.

“After 1-3 days of earthing, most patients revealed improvement in: fever, cough, weakness, headache, chest pain, taste and smell sense loss, anorexia, body pain”