Drinking Water

Uncontaminated spring water is the best water to drink.

It contains minerals, dissolved oxygen and ‘structured water’ which is formed by the action of sunlight and vortices and is said to store electromagnetic energies that are beneficial for health.

This sort of water can be approximated by:

  • Distillation – to remove toxins
  • Vortexing – to ‘structure’ the water correctly
  • Mineralisation – to provide ‘seeds’ for the structure
  • Sunlight – to build the structures
  • Oxygenation
  • Magnetisation – via the Earths magnetic field

Dr. Tom Cowan explains briefly

Drinking oxygenated water

  • Improves wound healingstudy
  • Enhances lactic acid clearance in athletesstudy
  • Improves ‘immune’ statusstudy
  • Protects against muscle fatiguestudy
  • Slows down cancer growthstudy

A study was undertaken in India where farmers grew two identical fields of crops but watered one with their usual water and the other with structured water. The results were astonishing with huge gains for almost no expense. (Voiekov & Korotkov)

There were no cases of disease in the plants or animals using the structured water

Increases in plant growth were obtained in this scientific study, similar by simply adding more oxygen into the water

A longer interview with Tom Cowan and Dolf Zantinge of the Analemma water company.

Structured water improves the health of plants by nourishing the bacteria in the soil to create a more fertile microbiome for the plant roots. Similarly, human health is improved when structured water leads to better gut microflora.

5G and 50 Hz signals will destroy the structure of water.


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