The existing model of (viral) disease is shown with disease processes that are really quite separate from each other.

Each process is said to have a unique symptom set (it never does) which enables the diagnosis of the disease and its cause and the prescription of a specific ‘remedy’ which is usually a highly toxic mixture of chemicals.

The model proposed by Lester and Parker after 10 yrs research is shown here with the four types of toxicity all producing Oxidative Stress.

This in turn may manifest as a multitude of symptoms in various parts of the body.
You are in a state of Disease.

In this new model it is evident that diagnosis of cause from symptoms is unlikely, as multiple forms of toxicity combine to produce exactly the same process and conversely a single toxin may have a variety of effects.

A Holistic approach is the necessary consequence.

The emphasis must be on elimination of ‘all’ contributory toxic stressors.
Put another way, there must be a shift away from diagnosis/cure and towards prevention of disease in the first place.

Since many toxins are environmental, this means a community wide clean up is needed.

The idea that Oxidative Stress causes disease is not new and is actually very well documented (see Wikipedia for instance).

It is just that it is not very well advertised, as if we all had adequate knowledge of how to avoid such diseases then health services would be almost redundant and Big Pharma would collapse.