Coherent Water

Natural Spring Water differs from pure distilled H2O in its physical structure, its chemical properties and its biological action.

Such water can be approximated by taking distilled water, adding some mineral ‘impurities’ and shaking or ‘vortexing‘ the water.

The result will be so-called Structured or Coherent Water which will consist of:

  • Interfacial or EZ water with the chemical formula H3O2 – see Gerald Pollack
  • Hydronium ions H3O+ and Eigen Cations H9O4+
  • Coherent quantum domains of spinning electrons
  • Hydrated nanoparticles – molecules surrounded by layers of charge structured H2O
  • Nano-associates – areas of structured H2O with specific biological properties
  • Oxygen – dissolved from the surrounding air
  • H2O – bulk water

This cocktail has physical and chemical properties that are not present in H2O and are thought to be absolutely necessary for biological functions.

There are certain chemical reactions – enzyme and ‘redox’ reactions – that are necessary for ‘life’ which will happen easily in coherent water but either with great difficulty or not at all in distilled water.

Many of these reactions will only take place if a magnetic field is also present and some will, in addition require an electromagnetic field vibrating at a frequency of about 7.8 Hz that is to say the fundamental of the Schumann resonances.

Nano Associates and hydrated nanoparticles

Impurities within the water will be surrounded by layers of H2O dipoles arranged according to the charge structure of the particle itself and forming a thick gel which actually has biological action specific to the structure of the gel.

In other words it is the chemical properties of this gel structure that are important in biology, instead of or in addition to the mineral or protein itself (See Cells, Gels etc. – Pollack)

These structures seem to be self-replicating somehow so as to exist even without the original seed, forming nano-associates, which do not contain the original substance but still possess similar biochemical properties.

We can dilute the original water to homeopathic dilutions and still preserve the biological effect of the original solution as the mineral free nano-associates are still present.

Quantum Coherent Domains

Within structured water there will form areas consisting of about half a billion free electrons spinning around the same axis in a cylinder formation.

This is counter-intuitive from the point of view of classical mechanics as all electrons are negatively charged and so should repel each other but the authors insist that all is well according to Quantum Electrodynamics

These electrons will form a magnetic dipole that will align itself with the Earth’s magnetic field and since they are a spinning charge system they will emit electromagnetic waves in the kilohertz range.

Hypothetical cycling of quantum coherent and decoherent states (left).... |  Download Scientific Diagram

Free Energy

According to quantum theory, the vacuum of space is constantly creating energetic particles which last a very short time before returning to the void.

Voiekov and Korotkov make the claim that the Coherent Domains of entangled electrons are capable of trapping this energy somehow and prevent it from returning. This apparently does not violate the laws of thermodynamics and again is consistent with Quantum Electrodynamic theory.