John Harris – It’s an illusion

An excellent introduction to:

  • An outline of Common Law
  • The difference between ‘lawful’ and ‘legal’
  • The concepts of ‘strawman’, ‘person’ and ‘consent’
  • The fraud of ‘legalese’ and some common deceptions
  • How to interact with the police
  • The extraordinary disgrace of the ‘birth certificates’ confidence trick
  • Public offices as primarily profit making corporations

Bibi Bacchus was wrongfully imprisoned for 8 years which gave her plenty of time to read and understand the legal system.

  • Strawman
  • Mortgages
  • The Queen of England owns all the land in the US and Commonwealth
  • The Unified Commercial Code
  • How to avoid paying a parking ticket

Strawman – The Nature of the Cage

Long but entertaining with many examples of real life interactions with police and bailiffs.

John Harris interview on EMTV – again, excellent.