Atom Bomb Denial

Atom Bomb Sceptics make several shocking claims..

  • That many supposed atomic explosions were staged dynamite explosions
  • That the resulting films were manipulated by Hollywood style special effects
  • That the bombs pictured were mere props
  • That the Japanese papers reported that Hiroshima had been firebombed with traditional explosives and napalm
  • That existing photos of Hiroshima show damage consistent with firebombing
  • That the New York Post first reported firebombing and later changed it
  • That blanket firebombing with prior warning was routine and almost all civilians escaped the blast
  • That aid workers returned to the scene within hours and experienced no harmful effects from radiation
  • Burns on victims were caused by napalm
  • The Emperor’s house was unaffected

Playlist of short videos purporting to describe the deception

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