Introduction: The crisis in biology

For this first post I will just make a list of some of the problems we are facing and which will be addressed in future posts and web pages.

  • Viruses as described do not exist and so no disease is caused by a virus.
  • The body is not composed of ‘cells’.
  • The main source of change and regulation in the body is not chemical action but electromagnetic field resonance.
  • Evolution as described by neo-Darwinism has been discredited even in mainstream science for the last 40 years or so.
  • Mutations of DNA are directed, not random.
  • Natural selection has nothing to do with evolution.
  • Genetic diseases (or, for that matter, cures) do not exist.
  • DNA is some sort of energy transducer – a photon buffer.
  • The current concept of ‘disease’ is flawed and misleading – ‘symptoms’ are part of a larger holistic maintenance system.
  • the heart is not primarily a pressure pump but an electrical induction pump and a monitor and synchroniser of biological regulatory systems.
  • The disillusionment with mainstream science is leading many otherwise intelligent people to reject it altogether.
  • Flat Earth pseudo-science is turning out to be a major distraction.

To understand biology, scientists will need to dip into electromagnetic field theory, the mathematics of resonance, frequency and vibration, quantum mechanics and chaos theory. The medics won’t like this. There are big prizes to be had for the physicists.

Future medicine will be called ‘Frequency Healing’, ‘Energy Medicine’ or ‘Informational medicine’ and will work by giving small resonant stimuli to an existing system of interconnected bio-rhythms. Only the body can heal itself.

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